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Dare Every OTHER Day

Dare Every Other Day You know, one becomes pretty reflective when they change up their life in a big way. Like moving into another professional phase after 30 years of teaching - 25 in Middle School! Coming up with "The Daring Librarian" brand back in 2010 was a choice that was inspired by an ISTE conference . I don't regret it. But, I have to say that my early preaching about being a daring educator, to always strive to be on the forefront of ed tech innovations, and to continually try new things in the classroom every day....can be a bit exhausting. And quite daunting.  So, Or week, or month. Don't push yourself or silently guilt yourself if you feel like you're not pushing yourself more. That's only on you. No one else is thinking "why aren't they doing this or that?" Mindfulness and taking time for self-care is a real thing. Practice that, too! Balance. Between life and profession is not only healthy - it's im