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I can't believe I'm giving Rebecca Black another mention on my blog! But she and her viral video are really great examples of an Internet Meme. And after 146,797,514 views of her orig video below and a growing number of re-makes this is also another excellent example of the Re-mix Mash-up revolution as I've mentioned before! The Digital Remix Mash-Up Culture Explained Blog fodder \\FTW!// (for the win)
What's a meme you may be asking?
Let's talk about it after the jump! A Meme is an image, video, phrase or simply an idea that spreads from one person to another seemingly for no logical reason at all ...but is AWEsome! From babies & hamsters dancing, LOLcats, O Rly, Epic Fail, to being Rick Rolled an Internet meme is a cultural phenom...Here's the history!
(Click below for the full PG-13 Infographic)

Need to keep up on all the hot memes or confirm a meme hunch? Check out the Internet Meme Data Base aka Know Your Meme!

With SO many renditions of this song going around first Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Fallon then

(click above for the flipped video...that is, until the YouTubes yanks it)
the Christian version "Sunday"....And just when we thought it was over SQUEE! it's on GLEE!??

I mean if anyone can make a song (Friday) or artist (Justin Bieber) cool... it's GLEE!
"It's undeniable that Glee’s trio Sam, Artie and Puck does a very good job pimping the most hated song in history…but why Friday despite of its untoward acceptance from Netizens? Well Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy simply explains it to" -zebiz


Planking: the act of laying face down, hands at side, and playing dead - made famous first in Australia, sometimes deathly dangerous, a dead funny photo op and youtube trend.


Top 10 Internet Memes -by Squidoo

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  1. An excellent post. One must realize and seize the power of the MEME. I can't emphasize the point you can create a MEME such as "Friday," but you can also use that same power to further the "brand" of your library. Schedule a MEME day with a common theme. E-book day for example whereas the day's MEME's are all about E-books. Again, great post!

  2. Not at memes are worth repeating:


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