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A week or so ago I was asked by soon to be ISTE president the AWEsome Ms. Holly Jobe to create "a page on the board wiki and/or a word doc with links and descriptions of the tools that would help orient new board members to all the ISTE tools" and I did! Taking the easy way out (this is a very busy time for me!) I curated the info from various ISTE publications, the main ISTE webpage, and used my own graphics wherever possible so that the new ISTE board members would have everything ISTE Social Media on one wikipage.
But as the ISTE board wikipage is protected - ya'll can't see I thought I'd re-post it here (with minor changes) so that these great resources can be enjoyed by anyone, not just ISTE board members! I also think I'm gonna post these as a blog on the ISTE Community Ning. Comment if I missed anything, or if you have a suggestion for inclusion...Enjoy!

ISTE Main Website:

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®) is the premier membership association for educators and education leaders engaged in improving learning and teaching by advancing the effective use of technology in PK-12 and teacher education. Featuring:
  • ISTE NETS & Standards
  • News
  • Bookstore
  • Membership & MORE!

ISTE Social Networks:

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The ISTE Community Ning is a year round social network for ISTE Members, affiliated organizations and groups, and educational leaders and the ISTE11 Ning is the place to go for up to date information & networking around this year's annual conference! Make sure to join, upload a profile pic, add your website url, & start building your ISTE PLN!!

ISTE Community Main Portal

ISTE Community Ning

ISTE11 Ning


Wiki Spaces


ISTE Connects Blog

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ISTE Learning

"ISTE Learning is an anytime, anywhere online community for professional development where educators can sample free concepts, buy cool resources and exchange creative ideas. This space provides relevant learning experiences in multiple formats to strengthen the teaching experience and grow digital literacy."

external image 4596112134_43f25fe020_m.jpgTweet to Connect!
Twitter- Join using your real name - it's an easy two way conversation with other ISTE members AND a way for you to experience the PLN building & conference back channel that is vibrant at ISTE11
New to Twitter? Here's a helpful Twitter Tip Gallery and a blog posting: To Follow, To Listen, To Learn, & To Lead

ISTE Connects Twitter

ISTE Twitter & Flickr Hashtags: #ISTE11 #ISTE #SIGMS #SIGVE Basically, any SIG + Initials
Education related hashtags: #EdChat #EdTech #TLChat

ISTE Special Interest Groups "The Special Interest Group (SIG) Program offers ISTE members year-round professional development, networking, collaboration, and leadership opportunities. Get involved with the SIG Program—connect with the topics you’re most passionate about and contribute to the field!"
Join a SIG

Volunteer with ISTE

Career Center

Ambassador Program

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They've Got An App For That!

"Have an iPhone or an iPad? Download ISTE’s new iPhone application by clicking here or searching for “ISTE Mobile” in the iTunes App Store. Have another Web-ready smart phone? Visit to surf our mobile Web version. Network with fellow ISTE members and get up-to-the minute news, blog posts, and educator resources."

ISTE In Second Life

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external image 4165820893_e9b3b37238.jpg"ISTE Island in Second Life provides a venue for educators to network and learn from each other about real-life education opportunities and best practices in virtual worlds. We sponsor an in world group and host a number of learning events including tours, workshops, and networking and topical programs. To sample some of ISTE's previous Second Life programming, visit our //ISTE Eduverse Talk//s archive.
In addition, ISTE’s Special Interest Group for Virtual Environments (SIGVE) hosts a monthly speaker series session on the third Tuesday of each month. Joining SIGVE is a great way build your network and get the most out of your time in Second Life. Learn more by visiting ISTE's Second Life wiki or by visiting us in world!"

Photo credits:
ISTE Island pics by Capt. Red Llewellyn of New Babbage
ISTE Screenshots
ISTE Learning graphic from The Daring Librarian


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