Super Quirky Rocks! I know, Right?

Characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits: "quirky charm"
From the Urban Dictionary: quirky "weird funny unique strange awesome cool odd cute fun random different intelligent silly amazing individual dork awkward sarcastic hot..." Quirky Hot? Really? Ok! I'll gladly take the lovely Salem Press 2011 Library Blog Award nomination! I am blushingly & gobsmackedly honored! Thank you! If you have found my quirky blog amusing, interesting, cool, informative or helpful I'd shamelessly would love your Vote! (takes only a second - I'm at the very bottom!) If you are viewing my blog for the first time because of the Salem Press mention - Hi! Welcome!
Salem Press definition: Quirky: Character-driven blogs covering an array of library topics that defy categorization Wooohooo! That does seem to fit! And I guess the fact that I just spent 40 min photoshopping the graphic to the left to Steampunk geeky goodness must prove it! LOL (hope you don't mind Salem Press love you, mean it!) So yeah, when my sweet friend & fellow Geek Tribe member @DianeCordell emailed to tell me this was like a real thing...Ok, I'll admit to another SQUEE! moment!
To be listed with an amazing group of super bloggers such as:
Librarian in Black
Information Tyrannosaur
Librarian by Day
my local favorite the
Cecil County Public Library
and the School blogs...sheesh! Look at this Rock Star Lineup!
The Unquiet Librarian
Ms. Yingling Reads
The Blue Skunk Blog
K-M The Librarian
Shelf Consumed
In the "Commercial blog" category my neverending favourite! My beloved mentor Joyce Valenza
Neverending Search not to mention...dear "new comer" a particular fav of mine Tamara Cox the Eliterate Librarian and the lineup of judges! WOW! At the risk of sounding like a total suck up...Look at these peeps! The Salem Press yearly blog award also gives ME a great new list of inspiring & informative blogs to follow -- I LOVE THAT! Seriously again..thank you everyone!

Want your own Super Hero Avatar!?
Who doesn't? Like, OMG...mine is like lookin into flippin mirror, right? [snarf, cough, gag, eyeroll, evil grin] Go to my Wikipage with ALL the directions! Cheers! GoAnimate Basics by gwynethanne

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!
Oh and HCPSS? I wish you would unblock - yeah, it's got the f-bomb but how ELSE am I gonna keep up with my student's lingo? Good thing I know how to GOOGLE! Want an Urban Definition but blocked? Do this! And you'll get this on Google Page...

Urban Dictionary: hoochie

7 posts - 7 authors - Last post: Oct 20, 2010
a woman who dresses in tight clothes and wears a large amount of makeup.

No need to click it - just read! [winks] Sweet! Take that filter! POW! Zap!
Thank you to my dear Dr. Obolensky of New Babbage Second Life for the evil monocle and triumphant evil mustache - that added just the right touch to my Photoshoppin! Rumour has it, Steampunk Former Pirate Capt. Red Llewellyn has had a mad adoring pash for him for 4 Second Life years...that's DECADES in RL time!


  1. Thank you for mentioning me. It means a lot because I've put you on my PLN pedestal. LOVE the tutorial, as always. You always inspire me and make me smile. I am happy when I see your blog pop up on my unread blog feed. You are great!

  2. So thrilled that Cecil County Public Library is your local favorite!!! Best of luck and we're rooting for you!

  3. Mwa-ha-ha! You'll never get your clutches into me, Capt. Red!

    Sure, you may have stolen the plans to my moustache and monocle, but those are the least of my brilliant creations!

    You'll rue! Rue, I say!

    And by that, I don't mean a road in France.

    -Doctor G. Obolensky, Evil Genius


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