Vinyl Love App: Scratching Justin Timberlake

I can't help myself. I love me some JT. He brings my Sexy Back!
(not that it ever left! ;-)
...But almost as much I love Justin Timberlake, I adore this new app that "plays" the vinyl records of my youth AND let's you "scratch" as if you had 2 turn tables and a microphone (Beck knows where it's at!)'s only $1.99!
Thanks to my dear friends Joquetta Johnson & Donna Anderson - my Appolicious Queens of the i Pad I learned about this at the MSET spring board meeting last week! The pic on the right shows another cool feature! When choosing an LP you can "flip" through the albums in a milk crate of all your iTunes music! No need to import the App finds it and puts it right there for you! How cool!

Another great new app is from my longtime software love, Comic Life. At a more hefty price of $7.99 this gorgeous app promises to feed my comic desires on the go! Haven't played much with this but I'll report back to you dear readers once I do! More from their website:
star icon Beautifully designed interface that makes making comics even more enjoyable
star icon Easily use photos in your iPad Photo Library or take a picture with the iPad 2 cameras
star icon Balloons, captions, lettering and templates for easy story-telling
star icon Smart text layout - keeps your words inside the lines
star icon Integrated Comic Reader for fullscreen view of your comic with added external screen support
star icon Share your comics with family and friends with Facebook integration, email and printing
star icon Drag and drop comics between iPads. Great for sharing work in the classroom
star icon Built-in Collections helps keep your created comics organized in simple collections
star icon Image filtering enhances the look of your photos and lifts the look of your comic project
star icon Online Help has comprehensive information on how to get the most out of this feature-rich app

If you missed this post iPad LOVE & App LUST all about the coolest, best iPAd APPS for educators & geeks featuring guest bloggers, Joquetta Johnson, Donna Anderson, & Selena Ward check it out!

What's YOUR favourite App!? Love your comments!

(no commericial spammers though!) Gah!


  1. Where did your sexy go that you had to bring it back?

  2. I would love your take on Comic Life for iPad. I have been looking at it, but haven't taken the plunge with it yet.

  3. I love WordFoto and Incredibooth!

  4. Chad - clarified that for you.. of course it never left I just love that JT Song Sexy Back!;-)
    Dorene - for only $7.99 I had to try it..I mean that's like 2 lattes! I'll let you know later what I think about it...thank goodness all the PLASQ products are intuitive & easy to use!
    Kathy - Ooer! I'll have to check those out! Thank you dear!

  5. I have only recently moved away from the free apps to the purchased ones (finally figured out how to use my iTunes credits) but have to say I love the free app GroceryIQ because I can get it on my droid as well which makes shopping easier (yeah, I did once try bringing the iPad to the grocery store, awkward). I have also tried Comic Life and love it as well as the Blogsy App. Blogsy is great because I can work on my blog on the iPad since Safari and Blogger don't seem to like each other. Another very therapeutic app is ArtRage. High class finger painting. :)


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