Jersey Shore Gone Wilde
& Mashterpiece Theatre

WARNING: NSFW Language & Content - These Mashup Parodies of the Jersey Shore Includes Talk of Smooshing, Hair Gel, Your Sister, Grenades, and Juicehead Guidos. If you are easily put out of sorts with such earthy discourse and repartee do pray, pass on these amusing bon mots! You have been thusly warned!
Since Blogger has banned in my district...and I've had to move my school blog (no, not this one dear reader) I now somehow feel more free to push the envelope as it were... with snarkdom & questionable language to illustrate brilliant satire!
Thusly, too good not to share darlings, this "is a collection Jersey Shore clips being performed in the style of Oscar Wilde. The rather amusing videos, on par with the similarly brilliant Victorian Vision of Ogden's The Wire (LOVE Me some Wire! -GJ) , are the side project of Santino Fontana and David Furr, the two leads in the new Broadway production of Wilde's classic The Importance of Being Earnest. The nattily-attired, British-accented pair have taken it upon themselves to reenact actual transcripts from Jersey Shore episodes, somehow lending each line—"I'm hungover, I'm not having a good time, and work blows dick for skittles right now" —more gravitas than we ever thought possible."

I will show episode one....and five.

For those in between please do journey to The YouTubes for the whole short series. Not to be undone...dear Cecily has created - Mashertpiece Theatre

Remember, these are the actual do not throw an askance glance at Cecily for the words did spout from Snooki's mouth!

So what do you think? Want more? Well Cecily & friends have created several...and all just amusingly inapropriate! Another series that dear Cecily has created is a Mashterpiece Theatre version of Saved by the Bell! Alice G dear....that one was for you!
And lest you think the brain trusts that are the original Jersey Shore cast can't reach for that brass ring of thrilling thespianship. I give you this!


a big thanks to my dear friend from my Steampunk Second Life in New Babbage Viv Trafalgar for pointing me in this amusing direction. TA!
Quote from Gothamist
Inspiration from Alice G, Leila C, fondue, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock, Doctor Who & the brilliant time at our fortage slumber party last night! Thank you dear Jeff for your patience!


  1. HILARIOUS...although my husband found it disturbing that I had to pause Mob Wives to watch these videos. Yes, we can say pop culture obsessed :)


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