Tweet and Blog for Ed Tech May 12!

Tweet and Blog for Ed Tech May 12!

From ISTE:

Funding for classroom technology is in jeopardy! We're calling on educators across the US to tweet and blog for education technology funding on Wednesday, May 12.

(this is my blog...sadly, Twitter is blocked at my school)

President Obama's budget for FY11 provides no direct funding for education technology programs. Instead, it zeros out the
Enhancing Education Through Technology program, the only source of direct support for ed tech in many states and districts.

Congress doesn't have to agree to the President's budget recommendations.

Help your senator and representative understand what's at stake! On May 12 tweet, retweet, and blog your support for $500 million in FY11 ed tech funding. Mark the date on your social media calendar!

Watch the
ISTE Connects blog and Twitter stream for more information on how educators can work with innovative tools to make our voices heard.

For more information, contact Hilary Goldmann (, ISTE’s director of government affairs.

Let's go Peeps! Fly Tweet, Fly!

Sample short messages for Tweets and social networking from hilary goldmann:
  • TomHarkin #EETT Support innovation in learning & teaching. Fund #edtech at $500m
  • @DavidObey #EETT Support innovation in learning & teaching. Fund #edtech at $500m
  • @ThadCochran #EETT Support innovation in learning & teaching. Fund #edtech at $500m
  • @RepToddTiahrt #EETT Support innovation in learning & teaching. Fund #edtech at $500m
  • Our schools need 21st century education, #EETT. Fund #edtech at $500 m
  • No funding for #edtech? No prep for 21st century. Fund #EETT at $500m
  • I support #edtech. I vote. Fund #EETT at $500m in 2011
  • As a principal/teacher/parent I know our kids need #edtech skills. Fund #EETT at $500m

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  1. OMG, do you know how many schools would be missing out with no EETT? Technology funding is extremely important. This is great information and you can bet that CompassLearning will Tweet out in support of funding increase.


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