Tech Trouble Shooting Tips for Students, Parents, & Teachers

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Every week we have kids come to the library media center, flash drive in hand, eyes wide and panicked because their computer or printer didn't work the night before and the paper is DUE TODAY!

And though 99% of the time we can help them - how much less stressful would it be if you had solid tech tips to finish, save & print that report or assignment outside of school?

Visit our newly re-designed MHMS Learning Wiki Tech Trouble Shooting Tips page for step by step directions (with pictures!) on how to email your teacher your work digitally if you find your printer out of ink at 10pm, how to save a .DOC and NOT a .DOCX, and other great techie trouble shooting tips!

First suggestion: Email your work to your teacher! Visit the Murray Hill Middle School Website and follow the directions below (click to go to wikipage)

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And giving credit where credit is due! ....I shamelessly stole borrowed ALL of these great directions bar one (the email comic of course!) from the AWEsomely talented Instructional Technology Facilitator Mr. Tony Smith of Eastern Wayne High School, NC and his blog Tech Tips for You.
Thank you Mr. Smith for your amazing ability to write great PC directions that even a Mac grrl like me could understand! YAY!

You get a Geek Tribe Badge, if you like, for your blog!

girl with computer photo used with permission by snailwithatophaton


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