FREE Moo Cards with Flickr Goodness

MOO & Flickr teamed up to offer FREE business cards you just pay for shipping! These sexy cards are powerd up with yummy Flickr Goodness.....Only has the MOO name & logo imprinted on it with a 15% discount for the first order.... all in all it's a GREAT DEAL for a great product!

BUT...I was super Ninja sneaky - MOO designs them so that the tiny commercial strip is on the front of the business card but i reversed the design and put it on the back! Voila! Hint: Download the MOO .PSD design template and create with Photoshop or your fav photo editing suite!

heh heh heh too bad Ninja Librarian was taken! LOL Moo Cards also rock because you can have a different picture on EVERY one! They call that Printfinity... i call that a reason to play with iPhoto and Photoshop! From the MOO Flickr Feed: a Business Card Template

(download original size)

Here's how my recent batch of business cards came out... I love the matte finish...slight sheen, great hand. Mini cards are cool...(and greener) but I love a big splashy design - sides i was worried people would lose the mini cards. The colors do come a bit dark...because the ink is so lovely and saturated so the designs that i had that were lighter came out i think better.

50 cards from $21.99 What do you think?

SO my mistake on some of my first cards (before i had the template) were that i tried to size them to what they would END up being when i should have trusted MOO and go with a better bigger resolution size and they ended up sorta "muddy" but at the time i couldn't find the template or the preferred or recommended PIXEL size!

My first (and second) batch of Moo cards Flickr gallery.
HINT! If you create a gallery for your MOO cards keep it the way it is and do NOT delete any pics from that gallery until your cards arrive or you may end up with a blank card! EEP!
And on the third batch of my cards... like a Doofus, i believed the template and kept in the positioning green lines which came out on the final cards...Oooops! My bad! LOL I mean, it's a design enhancement, yeah!

You can order GREEN Cards, too!
"The stock is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable – and the free holder is 100% recycled pulp board and recyclable too. For anyone in the USA worried about the airmiles, you’ll be glad to know that soon we’ll be printing and shipping in the USA, and so not only will your cards arrive much quicker, but they’ll have less distance to travel too.

These are some customer shots of our Eco Friendly Business Cards:"

Now i know Zazzle has mini business cards, too...and regular sized business cards but which are best? Non-Eco snob cool dude Jeffrey the The Fun Times Guide to Living Green guy ( follow him on Twitter! ) Reviews them here comparing them to MOO! Moo VS Zazzle: Eco-Friendly Mini Business Cards by and check out his The Fun Times Guide Living Green Blog! He makes me never want to touch a plastic bag again! Update to his blog posting, Moo now has an American division and thus shipping miles are reduced. YAY! (photo source: Living Green Website)

Finally, i was pleasantly surprised at how fast i got my cards, even just with standard delivery! About 9 there's still time for ALA and ISTE conferences if you get a move on!

Format guide for ALL the MOO products

in .psd and .jpeg formats!

Mini Card Dimensions:
  • – Recommended size is 874 x 378 pixels (300dpi)
  • – Minimum size is 280 x 121 pixels (96dpi)
Business Card Dimensions:
  • – Recommended size is 1039 x 697 pixels (300dpi)
  • – Minimum size is 332 x 223 pixels (96dpi)
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1192- 5.31

Cool Moo Design Tips!


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