Why Ning? It works!

I'm speaking today at the MSET Spring Business meeting at Maryland Public television: Dr. Judith Tomeldson asked me to "show the Ning, go over social networking, demo the 6 groups, lead a discussion on the benefits of social networking? Puppets, dancing bears, ponies, whatever you would like"
(she's a doll!) Of course I was like, Sure!

How this all started: a few months ago i made a mistake. (just kidding!) I got all hepped up excited still about the NECC DC conference, going transparent, being recruited by the "Geek Tribe" and I contacted good friend and Making it Happen Diva Mrs. Julie Wray and suggested that we start a Ning for our Maryland ISTE affiliate MSET....and add a digital sandbox (also called a Bloggers' Cafe or Learning Commons) to the MSET conference and Julie said
...GREAT IDEA! Do it!
Doh! LOL

She's also one of the people on this earth i just can't seem to say no to.... That adorable and talented former MSET President Julie Wray! [shakes fist in mock anger]
I got the go ahead and flash forward 5 months we've got an impressive 269 members!

OF course i was bummed when Ning declared they're going pay. We've all been so spoiled by the free interwebs. But this is one service that IMHO is worth it! And i'm not alone!

Why re-create the wheel? Why rebuild a whole social network from the ground up when there's one already done and flexible and reliable?

Building a Social Network creates a positive web presence for any organization. It allows educators to create a positive digital footprint for themselves before they venture out into the read-write wiki sticky web. Some educators don't want to mix their social Facebook with their professional life. I know i don't! I was a punk rocker chick in High School and frankly all my Eleanor Roosevelt HS friends think it's a HOOT that i ended up a teacher-librarian.

I don't like it when my worlds collide.

But a Ning provides that important personal learning network and component that spans the state of Maryland and conference to conference.... to let the relationships that were made at the MSET yearly conference continue and grow throughout the school year. To provide resources and continuity to educators who may be isolated due to position or location. For the Maryland western mountain technology educator to connect with the eastern shore professional - to connect ideas, lesson plans, videos and yes....classrooms! This has to be an important step to bringing us all together!

and it's worth paying for.

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