Netflix Epic Fail: Library Lessons Learned

So...i'm a luddite when it comes to a few things. telephony and renting movies. i usually buy movies. if something is good enough i buy the DVD. The Wire. Big Love. Boondock Saints, Snatch, Torchwood, Sons of Anarchy, signed collectors edition of Clerks. So i gotta admit i joined Netflix late....WHEN...they added the watch instantly feature. I like instant gratification. Ahem.

LOVE the watch instantly feature. but there's no way to bookmark possible movies as you're browsing to go back and watch later. no way to make a wish list of instant movies to watch! like the youtube ADD to FAVORITES.

so i start looking for that...i go to the help section and check there...nada! then i google it. nope! so i look for the contact information page and would you believe it?

NETflix....doesn't have an email address you can use to write a suggestion or a problem to them. of course now i go and Google that "netflix no email contact"...and yuppers... it's just not there! According to the writer/producer of the Big Bang Theory Bill Prady they don't have one! but they DO have a Netflix Helps Twitter account! HaHA! i trot over there! Oh yes, my friends.... i am one stubborn redhead!

Twitter Rants:
@billprady @Netflixhelps I wanted to ask when you would have hi-def streaming on PCs. But now I have a new complaint: no e-mail!

@billprady Oh, Netflix customer service @netflixhelps -- why don't you have an e-mail address?

@billprady @tvwriter I don't want to talk to Netflix on the phone. I want to send an e-mail and get an e-mail back. I don't want to chat.

@gwynethjones @billprady agree w/you about @netflixhelps -like really? in 2010 they don't have ANY email support? what kind of business decision is that?!

@gwynethjones @netflixhelps ok: here's my suggestion -i would like an *add to favorites* button to create a saved list of instant movies to watch later.

@gwynethjones@netflixhelps similar to youtube easy "add to favorites" so whilst you're browsing & stumble on a promising movie you don't forget it! Thx!

@gwynethjones @netflixhelps seriously might have to blog about the business decision to not have email customer support for the hard of hearing. WTF?

@gwynethjones i mean seriously @netflixhelps your company name is NETflix. as in the InterNET as in Email- how do you only have a ph# to contact support?

and what about those customers who are hearing impaired? by not offering a text version of customer service you're dissing a whole group of people! And really, i don't want to spend time on the phone (even if the wait is only 3 min) when i can just send out a quick email.

OK...i LOVE Netflix! I do! Fast, easy, fun, great delivery.....obscure it.
But if you don't have multiple ways that people can get in touch with 2010. you look irresponsible.

How this relates to School Libraries:

When people want to find something they want to find it and fast! ...usually it's a way to contact you...they will look quickly and grow frustrated if they can't find your contact information. Help them...Help yourself! Make it easy for them to contact you! This goes back to web presence. Consider starting a blog, a wiki, Facebook, Twitter, or web page ...create as many ways possible for kids and parents to get to your collection...bust out of the bricks and mortar of the school. Have your research databases available online. Have your library collection catalog available online! Make sure on every blog, wiki, and website has your phone number, email address, and link back to where people can get to YOU. I know it seems ego-centric but it's helpful!
Here's a good example:

Flickr Creative Commons Netflix & Origami Photos by by Amarand Agasi


  1. In my opinion the movie rental service of Netflix is really bad and I prefers to use local movie rental shops where I can check for the DVD quality and make sure it has no stratch before renting them.

  2. OK...Hello self serving commercial comment -with a link back to an online DVD store!! LOL sadly i'm such a comment whore i don't mind!

    ... but i like a combo of BOTH... i just bought True Blood AND Avatar on DVD but now i'm kicking myself about that cause my dad RENTED AVATAR on blu ray for my b-day and it SUCKED! even on a HUGE Bravia tv ...yeah was pretty..... pretty stoopid!

    now i'm stuck with a regular DVD unopened version of AVATAR that i don't know what to do with!

    BUT.....I also have the second season of True Blood and LOVES it!

    basically, you win some and you lose some.


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