Hashtags and Snuggies for Geeks

so, i spent all last weekend blogging about the iPad...reading the #educon tweets and thinking about the unconference....thinking about hashtagging, falling in love with Sqworl and trying to empty out my DVR. (and missing the Pirate Feast my wimpy fears of driving in snow in DC!)

"Hashtags are fun for creating short-lived little memestorms..."

Nancy White is brilliant. i can't believe she's part of my PLN! her latest blog entry is amazing!

Tagging and face-to-face events
she writes and i also take the pledge:

"My days of passive participation are over and done with:

  • For me, the reason to go to a big conference is the small group conversations with people I already know somewhat or with whom I share a common interest
  • We have the tools to coordinate and connect before, during and after the event — to keep the conversation going (it starts before the conference and goes afterward as well)
"Using CPsquare’ssidecar” participation in the AoIR Conference (which coincided with the EPIC conference) as an example, here are some observations of how tagging can play a role in supporting a subgroup’s participation at a big conference."

WOW! great ideas, Nancy! and i think because ALA DC is happening at the same time as ISTE10 and that our Geek Squad will be divided between the two....we MUST look for ways to "sidecar" participation! double the pleasure! enthuise and inspire twin-style!
  • Second Life lunches or happy hours?
  • unconferences that are eluminating through Learning Central?
  • Skype?
Nancy goes on to say:
  • Propose a tag early. Announce it by email or by other means to get the word out.
  • Tag should be as intuitive and descriptive as it can be but as short as possible.
  • Weave tagging into group practice and tagged resources into the conversation. Mention what’s been tagged by you or what you’ve found in the tagstream that others should know about.
  • Think of the tagstream a community-building resource. A tagstream is the accumulation of tagged materials contributed by everyone, which is stored on a tagging platform such as delicious, and which retrieved or monitored via an RSS feed (but which can also be viewed as a web page).
  • Identify related or parallel tags (such as “ir9” that was used for the AoIR conference as a whole on Flickr, delicious, and Twitter).
  • Think of the tagstream as an ideal research tool, when you’re going back to figure out what happened or when.
WOW! again with the WOW! thought's i've had but never voiced so eloquently....that's why i love Nancy & my PLN! they give me geek chills!

In a related blog....Twitter and hashtags at conferences - organiser-user viewpoint

like the pics above? buffyjhamilton tweeted this and it gave me quite the giggle!

Introducing: Snuggies for geeks

"Introducing: Snuggies for geeks - Holy Kaw!" http://j.mp/bABl3X Too Funny! #educon
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