Apple iPad vs.the Lenovo U1 Hybrid

Anyone who knows me knows i'm a Mac grrl.... from way back. From my first apple classic, apple IIe, apple IIgs,my first Internet computer Apple LC3 with a 14.4k modem, to what i helped to furnish my first new school in 97 by ordering for every classroom the Mac5200 which featured the S-Video out to connect to the TV before the LCD projector was invented (and cheaper to run!)to my beloved MacBook...heck, i'm head over heels in geek love with Jonathan Ive! so when apple announced a new tablet i was so freakin STOKED!

but....i'm now a little let down.

"A list of the iPad non-features and let downs came to light and spread through the interweb community, "Apple shares reacted, dropping 3.5 per cent after gaining one per cent just prior to the launch. In contrast, Amazon - the manufacturer of the Kindle, iPad's main e-book competitior - gained one per cent."

i want a tablet that i can take to ISTE10 Denver!...lightweight to carry, able to do presos, tweet, check the web for related stuff during presos and take notes! - a combo between a netbook and a Kindle. a color Kindle! and a Kindle's battery lasts for 7 DAYS!

of course compares iPad battery life to Kindle's: 'You're not going to read for 10 hours'

so now.....even and all the apple fanboys or fangirls (like me!) are a little upset by the stats...and here they are:

The display - the iPad's backlit LCD screen is too bright for extended e-book reading.

Battery life - At 10 hours, it's ahead of any netbook, but still a good 20 or 30 hours behind any e-book on the market.

Security - If your iPad gets stolen, there's apparently no way to remotely lock it.

Apps lock-out - The iPad only runs apps from Apple's App Store. Which is a lot of apps, admittedly, but not everyone's happy about Apple's inconsistency when it come to what apps it allows for sale.

Camera - There isn't one.

USB input - There isn't any. At least, not without an adapter.

No Flash - Without Flash, forget about displaying around the majority of internet content the way you could on a netbook or laptop. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?? No Flash? But, but...what about all my sites that use FLASH????

Multitasking - Is impossible on the iPad, which means you can only use one application at a time, reducing its functionality as a work computer to little more than a large iPhone.

No HDMI - So you won't be sitting back to watch any movies you download from iTunes on your TV....

No VGA --no way to show presos with an LCD projector! WTF!? (ahem....where's the fire?)

And funny, Steve Jobs apparently recanted his "people don't read anymore" statement to Amazon book publishers for the Kindle are unhappy due to price and that the iBook site will make them happy and that they will eventually flock to the site!

So....i gotta admit i'm intrigued by this U1 hybrid!
it's a's a's Both!

"The U1 is literally two separate devices, joined together and made to play nice. One is a multitouch tablet that runs Linux and has a speedily efficient Qualcomm ARM 1Ghz Snapdragon processor running the show. The other is a Windows 7 notebook with an Intel Core 2 Duo SU 4100 processor."

"Let's clarify two things right away: first, the Ideapad U1 hybrid notebook tablet is still in the very rough stages of development. Second, it's going to be awesome—if it can live up to its potential."

Oh and guess what? OMG ! in the 3 hours it took me to write this (and watch the Housewives of OC, make brekkie and shovel snow)

Breaking NEWS!

Macmillan books GONE from, Steve Jobs grins wryly from his throne of golden iPads


like OMG!

so, what do you think?
Has iPad cost Steve Jobs his sparkle?
Will the next iPad have the USB and an hdmi or video out?
photo and info credits:
i so heart my fav gadget source: engaget

the amazing Walt Mossberg

and my buddy Carleton Woodell


  1. I think the Lenovo U1 Hybrid completely outdoes the iPad on each and every score. I was SO utterly disappointed over the iPad and it's lack of features and basic innovativeness.

  2. Ok, so you say iPad only lives 10h from battery, and book readers can live much longer. I have no idea why do you compare it to book readers and not to netbooks, and I've never heard of netbook working 20h from battery. But most of all, what about Lenovo stuff? If you're comparing iPad to Lenovo hybrid, compare their battery lifetimes, not iPad to bookreaders. This is just cheating.

  3. i see your point MVMN but i disagree - i'm not cheating! ...these electronic devices are coming together...did you hear that the Kindle is going to add Facebook and Twitter apps to it? it's only a matter of time!

    "’s Kindle e-reader is being upgraded, the online retail company has announced, and access to Facebook and Twitter will be among the new enhancements. Coming soon after the release of Apple’s iPad, a prime competitor, the features will be part of a software upgrade downloaded directly to existing devices. Amazon expects all Kindle users to have the upgrade by later this month."

    but thanks for the comment!~~ I LOVES comments even ones that call me a cheater! LOL


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