Steampunk Field Trip: ISTE Goes to Caledon

Last month i blogged about Caledon Oxbridge University..i even made the below Go!Animate vid (which i'll shamelessly post again cause they have a super new widget! LOL) introducing it...well, if you'd like to learm more about the Steampunk aesthetic, the Steamlands of Second Life and take a genteel walking tour of the university pray come dear ladies & gents and join us!

Tuesday, January 26, 5-6 PM SL (8pm EST)
ISTE Speaker Series Event
Join ISTE Island for a Steampunk field trip touring the beautiful Victorian campus of Caledon Oxbridge University.

View! The beautiful campus of Oxbridge! See! The 6 Colleges of Learning with a guided tour!
Experience! The Interactive exercises! Ride! The self guided horse drawn sleigh!
Obtain! Free full avatars and prizes (free full avatars are for 30 days or less new to SL residents only)

The party of interested ladies and gentleman will kindly meet at ISTE island for a brief introdcution to the Steampunk aesthetic and the Steamlands of Second Life. Then we all shall be transported the beautiful Victorian campus of Oxbridge University for a genteel walking tour of the grounds led by entrepid Steampunk, Oxbridge Professor, ISTE educator, and former Pirate, Capt. Redgrrl Llewellyn of New Babbage.


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