Field Guide for Change Agents

From the Educon Twitter Feed:
benhazzard: We wrote a book today at Educon! The Field Guide for Change Agents (RT, take, read, share!)

....and since i couldn't be at Educon (i can't afford to go to EVERY conference....if only!)
i'm posting and loving the above creation.....just brilliant....!!

And all hail the power of technology, Twitter and the PLN this slideshow has in less than 24 hours the following stats on slideshare:

Sunday Afternoon: 1650 views
, 12 favs, 8 embeds
Monday Morning:
2647 views, 17 favs, 16 embeds
Tuesday Morning:
3617 views, 23 favs, 20 embeds more stats

WOW!.....that's pretty daggone amazing!


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