8 Things Every Geek Should Do Twice a Year

Ok, so this great posting says things to do before 2010 but after reading these very good tips i think it's the kinda stuff we need to keep on top of at least twice a year!
and though it's not as geeky as:
"Compile your own Linux kernel"
"Install LAMP on your phone and turn it into a web server!"
"Build a cluster of 100 discarded ten year old computers" - Buck Mojo

Really!? 1oo discarded 10 year old computers? Buwaaa!

But the stuff mentioned in that posting are things that may be obvious to some but maybe not most or maybe we're doing half and need to step it up....

i would also add....these ideas for technology educators:

  • look at the "look" of your blog....update your banner graphic once a year at least so that you don't look stale. don't go too crazy in re-design or people may not feel comfy or not recognize your style but spruce it up! combing iPhoto with Comic Life for Mac users will give a lot of style without having to master Photoshop
  • add more graphics to your blog postings! i'm a real visual kinda gal and i love to see screenshots and examples. or even use creative commons flickr pics (with attribution) to add or illustrate what you're talking about.
  • consider going transparent - if you haven't done that it's a big leap for an educator or anyone on the intarweb. i just went last summer after being inspired at NECC-DC. it's a little scary but worth it if you're building a PLN and wanting to make a "name" for yourself out there. so now i'm gwyneth jones here and on twitter in addition to my electronic portfolio and my wikis.
  • consider branding yourself: though i already have an unusual name, i wish i had thought of a catchy "brand" name like my friend Buffy Hamilton the "Unquiet Librarian" or the amazing Selena Ward the "Tech Tiger" ....is it too late? any suggestions? the Taffy Tech? Gah! LOL
  • create a FREE K-12 Wikispaces. if you haven't already consider doing so. and when you sign up for the first time use your name or a variation thereof!... i made the mistake back in 06 when i joined wikispaces of making it under my school name cause my intention was for it to be a prof dev wiki... so mhmsmedia is my wiki...but what if i change schools? i'll have created about 100+ wikipages that are tied to my old school..Gah!
  • GIVE, give, and give some more! whatever you create think of your other educators out there who might benefit from it. add it to your blog, wiki or slideshare! no one likes to re-create the wheel...give your greatest works to our profession - it's good tech karma!
  • always give attribution! professional teacher thieving is par for the course.. i do it all the time as much as i give...but i ask permission whenever possible and link back and give attribution when that's not possible.
  • build your PLN! a Personal Learning Network is essential to stay in tune with the trends and what's going on. so whether you join a Ning or Twitter talk to other excited educators about new ideas...crowdsource! got a question? pose it to the PLN and you'll be amazed at the answers you get! remember the WE is always better than the ME!
keep your appetite large but your plate small! challenge yourself to try new things every day, week, month, or year. whatever feels right and too overwhelming to you! give yourself a challenge! push yourself but don't pressure yourself. so many times we go to conferences and see things and get EXCITED and ENERGIZED and then feel DEFEATED thinking "OMG! how can i do all of that??!" well, you don't need to do ALL of that just try to do some of that! you'll be amazed and proud of yourself at what you can accomplish when you stretch your tech muscles and jump! most of all....HAVE FUN! Cheers!



  1. I love "keep your appetite large, but your plate small" - it is so tempting this time of year to have eyes much bigger than your stomach when it comes to loading your plate with all of those tasty resolutions!

    Thanks for a great post!

  2. Great post, I enjoyed that! And I'm not sure I share the goal of having 100 discarded, outdated computers, haha.

  3. Mendy, LOL yes...but just like a good diet...keeping your appetite large but your intake selective! smaller portions, better ingredients! OMG! the Best Tech Diet!
    Kaylin, i agree with you and added a line to the post...yeah, really? 100 discarded 10 year old puters? Why? those would be trouble than they are worth! Sheah!

    Thank you both for your commments!!....

    Comments are like word skittles that keep bloggers happy! YAY!


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