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FREE Moo Cards with Flickr Goodness

MOO & Flickr teamed up to offer FREE business cards you just pay for shipping! These sexy cards are powerd up with yummy Flickr Goodness.....Only has the MOO name & logo imprinted on it with a 15% discount for the first order.... all in all it's a GREAT DEAL for a great product!

BUT...I was super Ninja sneaky - MOO designs them so that the tiny commercial strip is on the front of the business card but i reversed the design and put it on the back! Voila! Hint: Download the MOO .PSD design template and create with Photoshop or your fav photo editing suite!

heh heh heh too bad Ninja Librarian was taken! LOL Moo Cards also rock because you can have a different picture on EVERY one! They call that Printfinity... i call that a reason to play with iPhoto and Photoshop! From the MOO Flickr Feed: a Business Card Template

(download original size)

Here's how my recent batch of business cards came out... I love the matte finish...slight sheen, great hand. Mini cards are cool...(and greener) but I love a big splashy design - sides i was worried people would lose the mini cards. The colors do come a bit dark...because the ink is so lovely and saturated so the designs that i had that were lighter came out i think better.

50 cards from $21.99 What do you think?

SO my mistake on some of my first cards (before i had the template) were that i tried to size them to what they would END up being when i should have trusted MOO and go with a better bigger resolution size and they ended up sorta "muddy" but at the time i couldn't find the template or the preferred or recommended PIXEL size!

My first (and second) batch of Moo cards Flickr gallery.
HINT! If you create a gallery for your MOO cards keep it the way it is and do NOT delete any pics from that gallery until your cards arrive or you may end up with a blank card! EEP!
And on the third batch of my cards... like a Doofus, i believed the template and kept in the positioning green lines which came out on the final cards...Oooops! My bad! LOL I mean, it's a design enhancement, yeah!

You can order GREEN Cards, too!
"The stock is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable – and the free holder is 100% recycled pulp board and recyclable too. For anyone in the USA worried about the airmiles, you’ll be glad to know that soon we’ll be printing and shipping in the USA, and so not only will your cards arrive much quicker, but they’ll have less distance to travel too.

These are some customer shots of our Eco Friendly Business Cards:"

Now i know Zazzle has mini business cards, too...and regular sized business cards but which are best? Non-Eco snob cool dude Jeffrey the The Fun Times Guide to Living Green guy ( follow him on Twitter! ) Reviews them here comparing them to MOO! Moo VS Zazzle: Eco-Friendly Mini Business Cards by and check out his The Fun Times Guide Living Green Blog! He makes me never want to touch a plastic bag again! Update to his blog posting, Moo now has an American division and thus shipping miles are reduced. YAY! (photo source: Living Green Website)

Finally, i was pleasantly surprised at how fast i got my cards, even just with standard delivery! About 9 there's still time for ALA and ISTE conferences if you get a move on!

Format guide for ALL the MOO products

in .psd and .jpeg formats!

Mini Card Dimensions:
  • – Recommended size is 874 x 378 pixels (300dpi)
  • – Minimum size is 280 x 121 pixels (96dpi)
Business Card Dimensions:
  • – Recommended size is 1039 x 697 pixels (300dpi)
  • – Minimum size is 332 x 223 pixels (96dpi)
For more cool websites check out the Sqworl Addictive Tech Crisps for Education and Web 2.0 Tools: Tasty techie crisps so good you can't just nibble one!

1192- 5.31

Cool Moo Design Tips!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why Ning? It works!

I'm speaking today at the MSET Spring Business meeting at Maryland Public television: Dr. Judith Tomeldson asked me to "show the Ning, go over social networking, demo the 6 groups, lead a discussion on the benefits of social networking? Puppets, dancing bears, ponies, whatever you would like"
(she's a doll!) Of course I was like, Sure!

How this all started: a few months ago i made a mistake. (just kidding!) I got all hepped up excited still about the NECC DC conference, going transparent, being recruited by the "Geek Tribe" and I contacted good friend and Making it Happen Diva Mrs. Julie Wray and suggested that we start a Ning for our Maryland ISTE affiliate MSET....and add a digital sandbox (also called a Bloggers' Cafe or Learning Commons) to the MSET conference and Julie said
...GREAT IDEA! Do it!
Doh! LOL

She's also one of the people on this earth i just can't seem to say no to.... That adorable and talented former MSET President Julie Wray! [shakes fist in mock anger]
I got the go ahead and flash forward 5 months we've got an impressive 269 members!

OF course i was bummed when Ning declared they're going pay. We've all been so spoiled by the free interwebs. But this is one service that IMHO is worth it! And i'm not alone!

Why re-create the wheel? Why rebuild a whole social network from the ground up when there's one already done and flexible and reliable?

Building a Social Network creates a positive web presence for any organization. It allows educators to create a positive digital footprint for themselves before they venture out into the read-write wiki sticky web. Some educators don't want to mix their social Facebook with their professional life. I know i don't! I was a punk rocker chick in High School and frankly all my Eleanor Roosevelt HS friends think it's a HOOT that i ended up a teacher-librarian.

I don't like it when my worlds collide.

But a Ning provides that important personal learning network and component that spans the state of Maryland and conference to conference.... to let the relationships that were made at the MSET yearly conference continue and grow throughout the school year. To provide resources and continuity to educators who may be isolated due to position or location. For the Maryland western mountain technology educator to connect with the eastern shore professional - to connect ideas, lesson plans, videos and yes....classrooms! This has to be an important step to bringing us all together!

and it's worth paying for.

Sue Waters: PLN Yourself Wiki
2010 - the year of the Personal Learning Network?
Build your personal learning network with Twitter, Ning and Delicious

IS Facebook blocked in your school? Particpate in the What is blocked Google Map created by Will Richardson

View What do you block? in a larger map

131,619 views - Public
Created on Apr 20 - Updated < src="" frameborder="0" height="250" width="300">

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Want to be a Nationally Board Certified Librarian?

Want to Be a Nationally Board Certified Teacher?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CT/ 6 pm MT/ 5 pm PT Presenters: Wendy Stevens Cathy Jo Nelson (Dorman HS, Roebuck, SC) (Buckhorn High School, New Market, AL) and

Candidacy for National Board Certification is among the most rigorous professional development experiences any educator can undertake. School librarians working in collaborative environments can face additional logistical challenges as they assemble a series of portfolio entries demonstrating their teaching facility. Hear from National Board Certified Library media specialists who share their own experiences in pursuing the credential. The webinar will offer an overview of the certification process, share a range of resources available for candidates, and describe ways media specialists can begin work towards certification over summer break.

Directions to join the SIGMS webinar event

1. Check that your computer is set up for Adobe Connect by visiting Adobe Connect Pro Connection Test 2. Use this URL to enter the webinar room 10 - 15 minutes before starting time: 3. Enter as a guest and type your first and last name. 4. Here is a link to a Visual Quick Start guide (pdf) to help you if this is your first webinar event.

Photo from:

Join the Library Tech Geek Tribe!

adapted from Diane Cordell

Tribe: A unit of sociopolitical organization consisting of a number of families, clans, or other groups who share a common ancestry and culture and among whom leadership is typically neither formalized nor permanent... A group of people sharing an occupation, interest or habit.

"Due to copyright issues (about which librarians are VERY serious), we were unable to continue offering Library Tech Geek Squad buttons for sale."

The good news, is that we (Diane Cordell and I!) were UNDAUNTED so redesigned it and we are now the Library Tech Geek

Items currently available on Zazzle include Tribe buttons and stickers, with other products in the works.
As before, any and ALL profits from the Geek Tribe swag line will be used to help support the Teacher Librarian Ning.
An AWEsome resource for all Teacher-Librarians and technology educators!

Please visit our Zazzle page for ordering information.

A week before ALA and ISTE we'll be publishing a copyright free conference badge for new Tribe members to print out FOR FREE and proudly display!

The photo "The group" by Grzegorz Łobiński

parts of this blog were reposted from: Library Tech Geek Tribe - by Diane Cordell

International Reader Shoutout!
In honor of the featured artist Grzegorz Łobiński this posting is dedicated to my 13 readers from Poland - Cześć! and Dziekuje!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Animating Your Library Program- Tonight in Second Life! Live Long & Animate! by gwyneth

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

Second Life: AASL-SIGMS Virtual Learning Community
Wed, May 19th: 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT
"Animating Your Library Program"
Presenter: Gwyneth Jones
Location: ALA Main Stage SLURL

If you missed the ISTE SIGMS Webinar back in December - I've updated it and will beg giving a preso tonight on this same (a fave of mine!) subject in Second Life! Hope you can join us!

"Promoting your library media center and program has never been easier. Using quick, free, and easy animation studios teacher librarians can create engaging videos to market their media center, databases, research resources, special programs, and their love of reading to students, teachers, and the community. Combining easy animation with a wiki, website, or a blog your message will captivate your audience and reach beyond the brick and mortar walls of your school. Watch this Go!Animate video to get a "taste" of the presentation."

If you are new to Second Life, set up an account to join us:
1. Go to the Second Life Education website several days in advance to set up your free basic account.
2. Verify that your computer and connectivity meets the systems requirements by checking here
3. Click on the orange “Get Started!” button. Go through the subsequent screens to create your avatar account.
4. Download and install the Second Life viewer software HERE.
5. Open the software and log into Second Life using your avatar first name, last name, and password. Watch your avatar “be born”. Complete the orientation activities to learn about how to communicate, move, search, and edit your appearance.
6. When finished, search “Places” for locations such as the Community Virtual Library, ISTE, or the American Library Association. Teleport to a favorite location, explore, and become acquainted with Second Life. (When searching, make sure the “search mature places” square is checked.)
7. Fifteen minutes prior to scheduled meetings, log on and IM Elaine Tulip or Redgrrl Llewellyn for a teleport to the meeting location or use provided SLURL.

ALA Mainstage

If you can't join us tonight, or aren't a member of Second Life, here's an archived version of the December webniar. We can't (as of yet) archive in Second Life.


Series of ISTE Connects articles:

Had a bit of a glitch with Lisa's had to show the slides on a prim but i think it went great! Thanks to Joyce Story aka Joyce Valenza & Miss Eleanor Anderton (Linda Dougherty) and everyone else for showing up!

Monday, May 17, 2010

FREE Blabberize Video Conversions Till June

Finally you can watch your Blabberize Full Screen (as above) upload to YouTube or Flickr, or download to your desktop & embed into a PPT.....But only till June!

from the Blabberize Blog:

Video Conversions free through June
Educators have been asking when the free test of blabber-to-video conversion ends, so that they can plan their Blabberize use around the features available.

Well, we’re not ready to release our membership features, but we can shoulder the cost of videos until June, which hopefully gets most of our educator users to the end of the current school year. So go make videos, and, if you get a second, let us know what you’re doing with them!
Ahhh Yes, the halcyon days of the FREE interweb is going away and with it we'll get these last spurts of generosity from websites (like crack dealers giving out free hits) to get us all addicted to special features that we'll have to pay more for in the future....Enjoy it while it lasts people!~

(click above for full size image & feel free to use this image for blogs, wikis, & whatnot! )

Video on basic Nings may be going soon, too! ....but while i could, i uploaded this vid on the AWEsome TeacherLibrarian Ning (join it!) and also Flickr as seen above and below.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tech Trouble Shooting Tips for Students, Parents, & Teachers

(reposted from our MHMS Media Blog)

Every week we have kids come to the library media center, flash drive in hand, eyes wide and panicked because their computer or printer didn't work the night before and the paper is DUE TODAY!

And though 99% of the time we can help them - how much less stressful would it be if you had solid tech tips to finish, save & print that report or assignment outside of school?

Visit our newly re-designed MHMS Learning Wiki Tech Trouble Shooting Tips page for step by step directions (with pictures!) on how to email your teacher your work digitally if you find your printer out of ink at 10pm, how to save a .DOC and NOT a .DOCX, and other great techie trouble shooting tips!

First suggestion: Email your work to your teacher! Visit the Murray Hill Middle School Website and follow the directions below (click to go to wikipage)

Other Hot Topics Covered:

And giving credit where credit is due! ....I shamelessly stole borrowed ALL of these great directions bar one (the email comic of course!) from the AWEsomely talented Instructional Technology Facilitator Mr. Tony Smith of Eastern Wayne High School, NC and his blog Tech Tips for You.
Thank you Mr. Smith for your amazing ability to write great PC directions that even a Mac grrl like me could understand! YAY!

You get a Geek Tribe Badge, if you like, for your blog!

girl with computer photo used with permission by snailwithatophaton

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tweet and Blog for Ed Tech May 12!

Tweet and Blog for Ed Tech May 12!

From ISTE:

Funding for classroom technology is in jeopardy! We're calling on educators across the US to tweet and blog for education technology funding on Wednesday, May 12.

(this is my blog...sadly, Twitter is blocked at my school)

President Obama's budget for FY11 provides no direct funding for education technology programs. Instead, it zeros out the
Enhancing Education Through Technology program, the only source of direct support for ed tech in many states and districts.

Congress doesn't have to agree to the President's budget recommendations.

Help your senator and representative understand what's at stake! On May 12 tweet, retweet, and blog your support for $500 million in FY11 ed tech funding. Mark the date on your social media calendar!

Watch the
ISTE Connects blog and Twitter stream for more information on how educators can work with innovative tools to make our voices heard.

For more information, contact Hilary Goldmann (, ISTE’s director of government affairs.

Let's go Peeps! Fly Tweet, Fly!

Sample short messages for Tweets and social networking from hilary goldmann:
  • TomHarkin #EETT Support innovation in learning & teaching. Fund #edtech at $500m
  • @DavidObey #EETT Support innovation in learning & teaching. Fund #edtech at $500m
  • @ThadCochran #EETT Support innovation in learning & teaching. Fund #edtech at $500m
  • @RepToddTiahrt #EETT Support innovation in learning & teaching. Fund #edtech at $500m
  • Our schools need 21st century education, #EETT. Fund #edtech at $500 m
  • No funding for #edtech? No prep for 21st century. Fund #EETT at $500m
  • I support #edtech. I vote. Fund #EETT at $500m in 2011
  • As a principal/teacher/parent I know our kids need #edtech skills. Fund #EETT at $500m

International Reader Shout-Out
My one friendly reader in the
Turks and Caicos Islands (TC)

What a Beautiful, beautiful island!

And If it's good enough for loony RHoOC
Vicki Gunvalson and her wacky renewal of vows to her longstuffering angel of a husband Donn, it's good enough for me!

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Library in Your Pocket

Today's blog was inspired by the amazing

Meredith Farkas, Head of Instructional Initiatives at Norwich University, columnist for American Libraries, lecturer at San Jose State University’s SLIS program, author, speaker and consultant on social media and managing change.
Information Wants To Be Free Website

The above slideshare preso is from
a talk for Western New York Library Resources Council’s "Gadgets and Gear: A Tech Gathering" - May 7, 2010

And it BLEW me AWAY!

WOW~! Groundbreaking stuff here! - easy to digest text and tastes frankly Nom nom! I'm going to quote and give you a small nibble but I urge you to try the whole thing....113 yummy slides of amazing information about a topic that is NOT going away....95% of this blog is quoting her'll see my reactions and comments mostly because i am wont to use exclamations and funky capitalization.

From her slideshare:

Why should we care about Mobile Devices?
  • 4.1 billion SMS messages being sent daily
  • Over 276 million wireless users (source: CITA Wireless Industry Survey, 2009).
  • 32% of Americans have used a cell phone or Smartphone to access the internet this year (source: Pew, April 2009).
  • The mobile device will be the primary connection tool to the internet for most people by 2020. (Source: Pew, Dec. 2008).

I've been saying for a few years now...(prolly heard it from someone else!)
The keyboard of the future will be run with two thumbs!

Step Aside Barcode...
Next NEW Thing: The QR Code

"Lemon cupcake topped with lemon buttercream and an edible image QR Code.

If you take a photo of this edible image with a phone with a QR reader application, it will load the Clever Cupcakes website! How cool is that?
photo by clevercupcakes"

I just wish they weren't in Montreal!~

QR (Quick Response) codes – most common.
Scan to access information or take action
  • Pull up text content
  • Dial a phone number or send a txt
  • Pull up a web page
  • Pulls up images or video
  • Pulls up a poll or survey
  • Need a QR code reader.
  • Watch a YouTube VIDEO DEMO
Ideas for Library QR Codes:
  • Send a text to the reference librarian
  • Library tours
  • Library scavenger hunts for orientation
Photo from Justinsomnia

Amazing Stuff! Another huge advance in Mobile devices are the Location-aware mobile technologies - Allows devices to interact over short distances:

iPhone 4G may be RFID-enabled
Use your phone as your library card, credit card, etc.
Interact with RFID-enabled objects - Vimeo Video

Location Aware Apps like Zillow....looking for a new home...carry your phone and when one comes up in that location it alerts you! Photo From the Mashable article Zillow iPhone App: Using GPS to Compare Home Prices

Another Location App is Around Me

from their site: "AroundMe allows you to quickly find out information about your surroundings.

How many times have you found yourself in need of finding the closest Gas Station?
AroundMe quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Restaurant, Supermarket, Theatre and Taxi.

AroundMe shows you a complete list of all the businesses in the category you have tapped on along with the distance from where you are."

"It is FREE, so it should be a must have for all iPhone users. It is very much like the Yelp app, without all of the reviews, but I find it to be more accurate at determining your location."

Read more at this great Review by Mike Hernalsteen.

Mobile Libraries!

NCSU Library Mobile

Catalog search
Databases/federated search if they have mobile interfaces
Circ info (due dates, holds)
Room/computer reservations
Reference info/widgets/forms
Links to useful mobile content

NCSU Photo by by users_lib

So many wonderful ideas!!!....she also talks about library promotion using Foursquare and mobile marketing with Twitter. I'd also recommend to follow her Twitter...
Whew! My head is spinning from all those wonderful thoughts and resources...Thank you Meredith for sharing this with us...saw it at 6:30 am - and her preso was featured on the front page of Slideshare today! Kudos Meredith!

photo of Meredith by librarianmer

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Netflix Epic Fail: Library Lessons Learned

So...i'm a luddite when it comes to a few things. telephony and renting movies. i usually buy movies. if something is good enough i buy the DVD. The Wire. Big Love. Boondock Saints, Snatch, Torchwood, Sons of Anarchy, signed collectors edition of Clerks. So i gotta admit i joined Netflix late....WHEN...they added the watch instantly feature. I like instant gratification. Ahem.

LOVE the watch instantly feature. but there's no way to bookmark possible movies as you're browsing to go back and watch later. no way to make a wish list of instant movies to watch! like the youtube ADD to FAVORITES.

so i start looking for that...i go to the help section and check there...nada! then i google it. nope! so i look for the contact information page and would you believe it?

NETflix....doesn't have an email address you can use to write a suggestion or a problem to them. of course now i go and Google that "netflix no email contact"...and yuppers... it's just not there! According to the writer/producer of the Big Bang Theory Bill Prady they don't have one! but they DO have a Netflix Helps Twitter account! HaHA! i trot over there! Oh yes, my friends.... i am one stubborn redhead!

Twitter Rants:
@billprady @Netflixhelps I wanted to ask when you would have hi-def streaming on PCs. But now I have a new complaint: no e-mail!

@billprady Oh, Netflix customer service @netflixhelps -- why don't you have an e-mail address?

@billprady @tvwriter I don't want to talk to Netflix on the phone. I want to send an e-mail and get an e-mail back. I don't want to chat.

@gwynethjones @billprady agree w/you about @netflixhelps -like really? in 2010 they don't have ANY email support? what kind of business decision is that?!

@gwynethjones @netflixhelps ok: here's my suggestion -i would like an *add to favorites* button to create a saved list of instant movies to watch later.

@gwynethjones@netflixhelps similar to youtube easy "add to favorites" so whilst you're browsing & stumble on a promising movie you don't forget it! Thx!

@gwynethjones @netflixhelps seriously might have to blog about the business decision to not have email customer support for the hard of hearing. WTF?

@gwynethjones i mean seriously @netflixhelps your company name is NETflix. as in the InterNET as in Email- how do you only have a ph# to contact support?

and what about those customers who are hearing impaired? by not offering a text version of customer service you're dissing a whole group of people! And really, i don't want to spend time on the phone (even if the wait is only 3 min) when i can just send out a quick email.

OK...i LOVE Netflix! I do! Fast, easy, fun, great delivery.....obscure it.
But if you don't have multiple ways that people can get in touch with 2010. you look irresponsible.

How this relates to School Libraries:

When people want to find something they want to find it and fast! ...usually it's a way to contact you...they will look quickly and grow frustrated if they can't find your contact information. Help them...Help yourself! Make it easy for them to contact you! This goes back to web presence. Consider starting a blog, a wiki, Facebook, Twitter, or web page ...create as many ways possible for kids and parents to get to your collection...bust out of the bricks and mortar of the school. Have your research databases available online. Have your library collection catalog available online! Make sure on every blog, wiki, and website has your phone number, email address, and link back to where people can get to YOU. I know it seems ego-centric but it's helpful!
Here's a good example:

Flickr Creative Commons Netflix & Origami Photos by by Amarand Agasi


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