Bloggers' Cafe: The Hepcat Learning Lounge

What is the Bloggers’ Café?
The Hepcat Learning Lounge@AASL

The Bloggers' Cafe is the coolest place to hang out at any Ed Tech conference! This was the "the place to be" hub @NECC09! This is where all the cool peeps are going to chill...once you're there anyway why not stand up and share? In a low key, high-tech, beatnik kinda way - beret & goatee optional.

Are you attending the 2009 AASL National Conference in Charlotte, NC? Have something to share, but for whatever reason you are not scheduled for a concurrent session? Consider signing up to present your stuff at our Bloggers’ Café! Presentation equipment and Internet connection will be available.

Want to take a comfortable break from the conference hubbub? Stop by and listen as your colleagues share their ideas at the Bloggers’ Café.

Use the time to:

  • Host a discussion
  • Create a Birds of a Feather session
  • Present your best ideas
  • Expand on your Exploratorium poster
  • Expand on your concurrent session
  • Teach a skill
  • Other
  • Friday signup
  • Saturday signup

Sign up now by visiting!

Credits: Thanks to Joyce & Buffy for some of the better wordage & Hepcat Darren Draper for the way cool orig pic that i totally posterized..thanks, rule!


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