The Office: Male Prima Donna

taking a wee webisode video break from AASL prep....i bring you...Male Prima Donna by Subtle Sexuality.

"I'm the OG prima donna.
My rhymes bite like piranha,
Hotter than a sauna,
Straight out of Lackawannaaaaaa!"

-- Song & Vid available for download on iTunes - photo from iTunes

sorry if you had to watch a Disney commerical to get the vid (i *hate the Mouse)and i can't link to YouTube when the NBC version has better resolution (and is legal)'s the price one must pay to get that slammin song & hot vid! i seriously have this song in my head replaced Tardy For The Party (Mix) - (love you Kandi!)

Well,....thank you The Office!! [shakes fist]...but i need more Subtle Sexuality webisodes...Love the Office...(though i'm growing ever disenchanted with Pam -just like i so heart 30 Rock but agree with Alan & feel that this season has fallen a bit flat for me) back to The Office.... you know...i've been down on Erin the new girl.. i mean, permission to put out candy? Really Erin? is she the Kenneth the NBS Page of the Office?
you know...super sweet, strangely off, and naïve? but this webisode has changed my mind! she's a hoot! The Office still delivers...and thank goodness for the DVR and Saturday mornings! now....Top Chef! i really hope Robin, the 80's hooker gets voted off this week.

What?'re thinking....Too much TV? [grins] Nahhhh! i'm a MEDIA specialist!

MUST to post the lyrics:

An office webisode/ music video. Staring the Nard dog, Mr. Understood, Kelly, and Erin. COPYRIGHT NBC, The Office

You don't return my texts
You say my phone don't get no texts
Whatcha you got, A-D-D?
Add it up, don't equal you and me
Like Shakespeare said, "To be or not to be"
Sometimes you're Romeo with me.
But if you ever leave me again,
I'll down a bottle of baby asprin.
I swear! I'll do it!

You're a male prima donna
But I can't help but want 'cha
I'm an independent diva
But I still kinda need ya
Together we're apart
It's tearing up my heart
I'm in hell and nirvana
'cause you're my male Prima Donna

You slammed her finger in the car door
Didn't say you're sorry, love is war,
She got stitches, it really hurt
That's her blood on your Polo shirt
You're cute but you think you're blazin' hot
You're short and you think you're not,
You look gay in your skinny tie!
I hope you get killed in a drive-by!


Once upon a time, she was just a girl, living in this world
Then you came along, with your irresistible charm
You drive a girl wild when you flash that sexy smile
'cause before she met you things were going okay,
So go awaaaaaaay.or staaaaaay!

They call me Mr. Understood
'cause no one understands me.
But when I spit rhymes
everybody buys my CD.
You get out of the car so slow,
how was I supposed to know?
You keep saying stuff behind my back,
then how come I got the number one track?
I'm the OG prima donna.
My rhymes bite like piranha,
Hotter than a sauna,
Straight out of Lackawannaaaaaa!


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