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Ooooer! i'm getting SOooo Excited for #AASL2009! and i have several reasons to be Excited! and like on Seinfeld i'm going to be using a lot of exclamations! so....buckle your seatbelts...you've been warned.
I'm excited to be one of the conference bloggers (OMWerd, what an honor! no pressure there, dear reader! Eep!) and i promise Promise i'll not pepper EVERY post with contrived car related verbage, really!...in fact, the above was my last sputter, i swear! [grins] but hey! AASL egged me on....it was even one of the criteria for the conference presentation approval process! LOL

and you don't have to b there! yet to get involved NOW! Click on the graphic above to find links to:
  • concurrent session guide
  • the author pit stop & interviews
  • membership directory
  • member videos
  • the UNconference!
  • the virtual conference
  • networking center
  • social network hookups
and more!

the official Twitter hashtag for AASL is #AASL2009 &
feel free to add me @gwynethjones and i'll add ya back!

(well, those of you who are media specialists & educators! so long as you're not a make money through twitter & fake hot girl scammer type!)

i'm also getting excited for the 2.0 Learning Tools Smackdown led by über guru Joyce Valenza
"This interactive, energetic, sharing session will highlight the best new tools in a variety of categories. Members of a panel will share their top picks and invite audience members to contribute by coming to a central microphone. All ideas generated will be added to a session wiki and shared with the community."

....i was at the NECC Smackdown and it was the MOST exciting session! so many new ideas in such a short time...my head was spinning & my mind was racing! and i'm super excited & honored again to help out with this Smackdown! and so can you! EVERYone can join in...so plan on attending and bringing a tip/source/link/idea that *YOU* want to share! because the Smackdown is all about community, contribution, & collaboration!

(powered by Wordle - one of the featured sweet sites from my presentation)
and i'm getting excited about my presentation. Turbo Charge Your Resources: Fabulous Freebies, Great Gadgets, & Sweet Sites that Go the Distance!
"Be cool in school! Do you dig knowing the sweet sites, great gadgets, & the current buzzwords? Like fabulous freebies? Don’t have the time to read every journal, wiki, blog, ning, tweet, or plurk, but still don’t want to be left out in the techie chat cold? Then this session is for you! Presented triviaoke style, as a quick & irreverent look at the latest & greatest stuff to turbo charge your Library Media Program."

Ok...i swear...no more turbo charged click and clack car talk!...that's it! onto sterling ice tea spoons & deviled eggs, honey!

finally, as a personal side note, i'm also so SO excited to go to Charlotte, NC! i've never been there...and i adore The South. (loved Atlanta, GA when i was there for NECC07!) from when i was a little girl reading GWtW during a week off from school due to tons of snow...to even getting the book: a Southern Belle Primer or Why Princess Margaret will Never be a Kappa Kappa Gamma ...sometimes i wish i was more Southern (i imagine a true Southerner would say that Maryland is NOT The South...even though it IS below the Mason Dixon line [grins]) ....anyway...from sterling ice tea spoons to deviled egg plates to the lovely, precious, darling, well-mannered friendly people of the South that are friends and that i've met in my travels, i guess i just want to sometimes be like Doc Hollywood and get lost in a small town....sounds silly, huh?

anyway....SO many reasons to be excited about AASL2009....what are YOU excited about?


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