Saturday, November 28, 2009

Edublog Award Nominations 09: Fearless Generosity & Insight

The Edublog Nominations are open! It's time to recognize those people in our PLN who have made a difference. Those who have touched our minds (and sometimes our hearts) and taught us something in this past year. Even recognize those blogs that have been our GO TO blog resource since blogging started.

I was VERY flattered, surprised, & thrilled when i found out that none other than the amazing Shelly Terrell nominated this blog for the Library/Librarian category. At first i thought she was meaning my school blog which i started in 06 but it's this blog!...still a bloggy toddler created after NECC09 this summer when i decided i needed an outlet to talk about my opinions about being a teacher librarian and a technology educator in the 21st century and show helps, cheat sheets, and links to resources. Oh and yes, i showed my Mum!

  • Nominations: Close Tuesday 8 December!
  • Voting: Ends Wednesday 16 December!
  • Award Ceremony: Friday 18 December!

Nominations are now open… read on to find out how to nominate:

Ok...nuff about me! Let's talk about some real amazing educators who make a difference!

Best individual blog: Joyce Valenza - the Neverending Search Blog - always on the cutting edge, generous, she gives, gives and gives some more to everyone. she pulls people in and includes everyone and is an inspiration to all teacher librarians everywhere.

Best individual tweeter: mtechman Melissa Techman -shares library & tech resources like a ninja and has a great sense of humour!

Best new blog: Teacher Reboot Camp by Shelley Terrell. No this is so not payback for her nomination - i'm a regular reader! ...she shares so much so clearly and with such heart that i frequently go back and check her posts!

Best resource sharing blog: Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day He's amazing! i could ramble on about his perception, generosity and sense of humour...but you've prolly heard it all...AND he's cool!

Most influential blog post: Danah Boyd: spectacle at Web2.0 Expo... from my perspective Why? See my previous post. That's why. Bravery and honesty and a voice of change.

Best teacher blog: The lazygal's Killin' time being lazy. this gal is anything BUT lazy! 1000+ blog posts since 2004!

Best librarian / library blog: Buffy Hamilton's Unquiet Librarian and the Unquiet Library - she is amazingly generous, gracious, kind, and incredibly intimidating with her energy and creativity and her fearlessness to bring school libraries into the 21st century. her library has a FaceBook page a twitter feed AND she's had authors skype in for talks to her students. she's frankly AMAZING!.
Best educational use of a virtual world: Chris Smith aka Shamblesguru Voom in Second Life, creator of the The International Schools Island (isi) blog and a wonderfully generous educator.
Best educational tech support blog: Sylvia Tolisano Langwitches Blog
Best educational use of video / visual: Common Craft Show
Best educational wiki: WebTools4U2Use
Best educational use of a social networking service: Classroom 2.0
Lifetime achievement: Will Richardson – Weblogg-ed

Then, follow these two simple steps to nominate (nominations made without links or without correct submission will not be counted)

Step 1: Write a post on your blog linking to:

You can nominate for as many categories as you like, but only one nomination per category, and not yourself :) You can nominate a blog (or site) for more than one category)

For example:

My Nominations for The 2009 Edublog Awards are:

Best individual blog: Larry Ferlazzo
Best resource sharing blog: OL Daily

Check out these nomination posts to see how it can be done!

  • Silvia Tolisano has made her nomination post really EASY to grab her links to use in the voting process
  • Liz B. Davis’s nomination post has done an excellent job of explaining her choices

Step 2: Email us the link to your nomination post

Use the form below to contact us, please include a genuine email address (spam free, just in case we need to confirm identity) and the link to your nominations post.

Your complete contact form should look similar to this example below! You can’t submit your nominations without writing a blog post

So there it goes, i know i'm leaving some people out....i may let it germinate for a day or two but WOW! so many wonderful educators out many who inspire that it's just mind blowing sometimes! and the one thing all these people have in common? GENEROSITY!

There's a #Hashtag for That! & Mean Tweeting!

Baratunde Thurston speaking at the Web 2.0 conference about social media, the use of hashtags memes, and the power of community consensus.

But sometimes the community can be mean & spiteful.

That is why i am upset at what happened to Danah Boyd at that self same conference. It was a snafu where I really feel that those in charge of the technology & planning of the Web 2.0 conference really let down their speakers. Apparently Danah had a new talk she wrote for the conference, she regularly uses notes for her talks that she reads from her laptop that she uses as a teleprompter. But for some reason the Web 2.0 people said she couldn't have that laptop for her presentation so she had to use paper (!!??!!)...they also didn't tell her to the last min that the Twitter backchannel was going to be fed & displayed 10+ feet high behind her and when her talk went south...people started tweeting MEAN. Blood in the water and the sharks were biting and people started laughing in some sort of sick schadenfreude delight over the situation.
I wasn't there but there are several people who have written about here:
Danah Boyd even wrote about it herself - explaining how she didn't know what was going on behind her. It has sparked a lot of controversy and a highly passed around cartoon by Mr. Rob Cottingham.

And it just makes me mad AND sad! This is why some people don't want a backchannel at all at a conference...they're scared of it, or worried about it....thinking that it's dangerous.

the backchannel is's exciting! i LOVES it! i enjoy going back over it after i speak (and no one pays for me to speak yet..i even pay registration! LOL) ...but it's a wild west frontier out needs to be rich, informative, fair, and talking about the IDEAS and not the hot blonde (or redhead) chick talking too fast! (Btw, i do that, too.. i also crack corny irreverent BAD jokes when i get nervous...we middle school peeps are SO obvious!)

SO...a moderator who has a voice to the speaker and the audience helps direct the channel ...also, like middle schoolers, if we know we're BEING moderated i think we behave better! the sneaky passing of notes - with cartoons of the teacher - is not what we're going for here folks. it's the vibrant conversation that compliments the presentation...letting people share their ideas or related resources.

Danah, i saw you present at AASL in Charlotte...and grrl you rocked! of course i was already a fan....(not fangirl!)...and some of what you preach i've been saying for years (so i was saying hellyeah! in me heid a LOT!) we can't teach kids to be internet SAFE just AWARE. and that the kids that are getting in trouble on the interwebs are kids who are in trouble already... Oh and that our old MySpace pages are now a social history archive.

we NEED your message, Danah!'s important and informative and it's not always what educators or administrators want to hear!

...Social Media is here people!...we can't put that particular horse back in the barn or tie it down with firewalls, restrictive AUP's, and knee jerk reactions to when something new & scary comes out... we need to tame it and ride it cause otherwise we're left in the dirt. like the metaphor is a little bit much but you get what i'm saying here...Oh wait! i gots another! i'm waiting for the googlewave to be held back rather than flow in my county soon...heh heh see? i didn't say surf...\\FTW!// i'm also gonna quote @arielwaldman: "Google Wave sounds like a bad date so far: won't apologize for being difficult and talks about how awesome they are"

So keep talking Danah!...don't sweat it sucked! the situation not the talk... it's over BUT it started this new conversation and hopefully will make people think and THAT is the MOST important part of this whole spectcale!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fleet Week - New Babbage, Second Life

As seen through the talented eye of Master Loki Elliott

His work, as always, fills me with wonder and awe, yet this time, a sad panging regret that i was unable to attend the grandeur.

Another amazing artist, but this one with heavy glass plates and exploding flash powders - Mr. PJ Trenton shares his images from this momentous event. One may also read more in the The Aetheric Log : the Primgraph.

Another talented photographer is Mr. Wildstar Beaumont - who also participated and won in several categories during the glorious event. The next two photos show just a hint of his many talents.

Though it is with a heavy regretful heart that I missed this spectacular event...the coordination of many including our own Miss Breezy Carver
and our City's Maceholder, Aeleous Cleanslate

The above two photos by Miss Bookworm Henrichs.
These images... both still and moving refelect the sound and beauty of what happens with regularity in the realm of New Babbage, Second Life.

The snow will come soon...bringing its cold hush to the cobbled streets of our city, the ringing clang of the passing trolley...and with it more events that warm the heart. Which reminds me of a particular favourite event that I threw last year...the Steampunk Snowball Fort Fight as seen here with my old factory in the background.

I need to spend some more time in New Babbage...The soot has nearly left my lungs and I am bereft without the sweet sting to my eyes and the wonder of the city.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

ISTE SIGMS Webinar: Library Media Marketing Through Easy Animation


Promoting your library media center and program has never been easier. Using quick, free, and easy animation studios teacher librarians can create engaging videos to market their media center, databases, research resources, special programs, and their love of reading to students, teachers, and the community. Combining easy animation with a wiki, website, or a blog your message will captivate your audience and reach beyond the brick and mortar walls of your school. Join us Dec 10th at 8pm! Details on where to tune in coming soon!

If you can't see the video above go to my Xtranormal Channel or just click below! LOL

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Steampunk Sir Bolt, ISTE10, & Simon Pegg

Can't watch the above Video because YouTube is blocked? Try viewing it on my Xtranomal channel or umm just click below! LOL.

Well, I made my reservations for ISTE10 Denver!
What was once NECC is now called ISTE. Because the conference is now not National but International! This has always been the LARGEST Ed Tech conference in the World..upwards of 18,000 people attend! Seriously, people come from Australia, South Africa, and the UK to attend this so it makes sense that the name is changed.

I'm very excited to be going and to be a part of the Learning Tools Smackdown again! As Sir Bolt said, rooms are going FAST! Why not give it a try?! If you've experienced AASL or ALA and you liked it but wished they had more Web 2.0 tools or had more of a cutting edge Ed Tech slant, then give ISTE10 a try! I'm booky for sure, but i'm also webby! I would never give up going to an AASL conference...but since they're every other year i try and make the ISTE conference on the off years.

Atlanta 07... Kathy Schrock above, always an innovator, talked about education in Second Life...(yeah, i now blame her for this! LOL)

So, yeah...I was in Atlanta in 07, DC in 09.....and well, I can't resist Denver for the first ISTE10! The hashtag #ISTE10 is already perking on Twitter! Join in the chat now to see if you like the vibe! Join the ISTE10 Ning to build your ISTE PLN early!

On an entirely different subject...People often ask where i get my amazingly funny puns and one liners...( they ask or do they plaintively cry?...Ahem! Nevermind!) ....Simon Pegg will explain.

Warm room, satisfying occupation, creative outlet...kind man giving encouragement. i don't really see what the problem is!

No Whining and Keep Writing!

LOL just kidding!

...not about the writing though, get back to work kids!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Charlotte Re-examined Openly

From Joyce Valenza's SLJ Blog
Joyce & Buffy ask us to evaluate and "to begin a very open conversation about what we loved and didn't so much love about our experience in Charlotte."

Answering the questions...evaluating the conference...starting a conversation about
how we do things now... how we could do things next time, and how COOL things could be if we break out of the usual conference box is, IMHO, necessary. and please...don't ask me to translate that or type that again..

This was my third AASL...Pittsburgh, Reno, & Charlotte. The first AASL blew my mind..saw Francey Harris and she inspired me by her AWEsome Library Blog & presentation to start my own!
Joyce Valenza inspired me to stretch beyond my walls and to communicate and create a conversation with my kids AND my community, use my databases more vigorously, and showed me so many cool geeky things/sites! AND..from Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Reno, Washington, DC i feel like i've been stalking her all over the country like an acolyte ....sometimes after hearing her, i thought i would faint from all the ideas swirling and, Aye...the booming in me heid! Much like the Pittsburgh fireworks below! and i wondered then in '05, 06, 07, 09...and still do... when DOES Joyce ever SLEEP!!?? i know she dances! but sleep? - next time i hug her i'm gonna check for an automaton battery pack! LOL

Buffy Hamilton has inspired me since i stumbled across her Unquiet Library/ian Blog over a year or so ago and lurked there for good ideas... and lessons learned. therefore, i was honored, a little intimidated, humbled & occasionally babbling & bumbling to work with these AWESOME peeps as part of the Geek Squad for the Bloggers' Cafe and for the Smackdown! /gushing rant. reflections...i should warn you, dear reader, i am distressingly candid...that has ever been both my "charm and my downfall." (e. wharton) having said that, let me ramble a wee bit...
  • What worked at Conference?
So much! the feeling of camaraderie! the Bloggers' Cafe where ideas were shared, laptops re-charged, tired feet refreshed and minds expanded. What a wonderful idea!! There's no going back i think it was the highlight of the conference for many!

the Twitter Back Channel!!!!!!! by using the hashtag #AASL2009 this was the place to B! where people "met" & shared ideas and resources whilst in different sessions and then met F2F at the Bloggers' Cafe i think a lot of us were huggers at this conference, it was so awesome to be called by name or to recognize an "old friend" finally in person! felt in some ways like a large family reunion! \\FTW! // AND, the Twitter back channel, it inspired an awesome resource, the FREE Virtual AASL2009 by Aunty Tech, aka Donna Baumbach!

things that also worked were the:

b There website....great place to blog, meet, share photos, take polls, check session times & rooms and more!

Keynotes! those i heard were great! those i heard about were great, too!

The Sessions! Such great sessions....i wish i could have gotten to MORE! but thanks to the Twitter back channel i was able to hear quotes and get resources from those i missed. And thanks to the AASL2009 Twapper Keeper we can have the archive of the 3,119 tweets (as of today!) WOW!

City of Charlotte! Gracious, Gorgeous, & Oh so friendly!
Charlotte Convention Center (minus the horrid Interweb connection!!!) it was pretty, compact, and light filled...though i do think Baltimore could teach them a thing about a REAL crabcake...we've got nothing on your delicious cornbread and biscuits & gravy!
  • What are your takeaways?
i'm still working on MANY really! this will be expanded upon in the next week or so.. .. but what immediately comes to my mind is Buffy's Not Just Another Brick in the Wall session which opened my eyes to SO many things both webby and booky!
  • What needs to happen in Minneapolis 2011?
LARGER Bloggers' Cafe with comfy sofas and ample chairs AND a working, fast & reliable Internet connection. A larger Bloggers' Cafe will provide more opportunities for those who aren't presenting formal sessions but who have AMAZING programs & ideas and need to share them! A Bloggers' Cafe that is run a day early (like the Thursday) as an Unconference option for those who don't want to do a pre-conference or a city tour...would be GREAT!

  • What didn't work?
Still Too Much Paper!....just like at NECC (see above) there is no need to give out a daily magazine or newspaper...SO NOT GREEN and there was too much paper/adverts in the conference bag. Why not have an online published magazine? or a Kiosk with electronic options? and a scrolling display of the Flickr FEED?! and a Live scrolling display of the Twitter feed? Ooooer doesn't THAT sound AWEsome!

Evaluations: why not have an online immediate evaluations or a follow up email to ALL participants for EVALUATIONS?? why paper evals for every session? so much to sort through and to tabulate!

the b There website though glad it was was not intuitive and a bit clunky....why couldn't we have had a Ning? FREE! easy to join and it would GROW with every conference!

ALL in ALL it was an AWEsome Conference! smiles were many...hugs numerous....and great experiences... were, well...multitudinous!

friday night my brain was a happy crispy critter from being so energized...from having it blown so many times with great ideas! it was a-MAZING! And the energy and good warm feelings stayed with me even through the airport! I got home and immediately logged into Twitter to see what i missed!
Thank you new friends & new Tweeps for sharing so many great resources!!! YAY!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Turbo Charge Your Resources: More Stuffs

Hi! Had such a great time presenting my Session: Turbo Charge Your Resources: Fabulous Freebies, Great Gadgets, & Sweet Sites that Go the Distance! AKA Gadget-A-Go-Go!

Everything i went over and MORE can be found on 3 different wikipages! Click on the images below for:


web2ohtools2 Beam Me Up Databases! by gwyneth

Wanna learn more about creating cartoons and animation vids?

There were a few things i didn't get a chance to get to highlight due to time...

See the Kick YouTube Wiki for the below graphic & MORE!


See the Adding Widgets Wiki for the below graphic & More!


Thank you everyone for the great feedback & kind words for my first national presentation...i was so excited & a little nervous! i can't add you all to my wiki cause i made it for my Murray Hill Middle School teachers & staff and adding members means that you intend to change my pages or add to them...but they're all public and i invite you to link back, copy or use anything i've created within the limits of fair use!In other words, Feel free to snag ANY of my graphics! if you can, just give me a teeny tiny wee link back is all i ask! But my thought is, never re-invent the wheel! Cheers!
LOVED my audience & participants! I took this pic for my mom!

and this picture is for my Aunt Lynn & my furry nephew Boo!

Contact information:


Follow Me on Twitter: gwynethjones

Professional Blog: Library Media Tech Musings

Electronic Portfolio: Gwyneth Jones

Flickr Feed: info_grrl

For a peek into My Steampunk Second Life as Capt. Red Llewellyn

Keep in touch! Always feel free to drop me a line! Follow me on Twitter but note that i'm not on as much since my county blocked it (it used to be my lunchtime personal PD practice) find me in Second Life


Friday, November 6, 2009

AASL in Charlotte: Beautiful, Dynamic & Gracious

AASL2009 Charlotte ....4,000 school librarians gathered to learn from each other and to build their personal learning networks...and to just be with their peeps. Brilliant!

The Bloggers' Cafe has already made a mark. Standing room only (until we got more chairs!) and upwards of 50 people all hanging out. AWESOME! A great place to chill, re-charge your laptop, meet new people, talk about hot topics (like flexible vs. fixed schedules) and share ideas. as Laura said: "Open Mike for Geeks" now if only we could have a strong, reliable Internet wireless connection in that corner life would be GOLDEN! Gah!

AASL Tech Angels!

I'm presenting my Gadget-A-Go-Go session this morning at 9:30: excited & a little nervous. Worried about connectivity - was very frustrating yesterday.....took some doofy movies with my digi cam back at the hotel...i really hope i won't have to show them. shaky dark about Paranormal Technology! LOL and i'm super excited about the Library Tools Smackdown today!!


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