Fleet Week - New Babbage, Second Life

As seen through the talented eye of Master Loki Elliott

His work, as always, fills me with wonder and awe, yet this time, a sad panging regret that i was unable to attend the grandeur.

Another amazing artist, but this one with heavy glass plates and exploding flash powders - Mr. PJ Trenton shares his images from this momentous event. One may also read more in the The Aetheric Log : the Primgraph.

Another talented photographer is Mr. Wildstar Beaumont - who also participated and won in several categories during the glorious event. The next two photos show just a hint of his many talents.

Though it is with a heavy regretful heart that I missed this spectacular event...the coordination of many including our own Miss Breezy Carver
and our City's Maceholder, Aeleous Cleanslate

The above two photos by Miss Bookworm Henrichs.
These images... both still and moving refelect the sound and beauty of what happens with regularity in the realm of New Babbage, Second Life.

The snow will come soon...bringing its cold hush to the cobbled streets of our city, the ringing clang of the passing trolley...and with it more events that warm the heart. Which reminds me of a particular favourite event that I threw last year...the Steampunk Snowball Fort Fight as seen here with my old factory in the background.

I need to spend some more time in New Babbage...The soot has nearly left my lungs and I am bereft without the sweet sting to my eyes and the wonder of the city.


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