Steampunk Sir Bolt, ISTE10, & Simon Pegg

Can't watch the above Video because YouTube is blocked? Try viewing it on my Xtranomal channel or umm just click below! LOL.

Well, I made my reservations for ISTE10 Denver!
What was once NECC is now called ISTE. Because the conference is now not National but International! This has always been the LARGEST Ed Tech conference in the World..upwards of 18,000 people attend! Seriously, people come from Australia, South Africa, and the UK to attend this so it makes sense that the name is changed.

I'm very excited to be going and to be a part of the Learning Tools Smackdown again! As Sir Bolt said, rooms are going FAST! Why not give it a try?! If you've experienced AASL or ALA and you liked it but wished they had more Web 2.0 tools or had more of a cutting edge Ed Tech slant, then give ISTE10 a try! I'm booky for sure, but i'm also webby! I would never give up going to an AASL conference...but since they're every other year i try and make the ISTE conference on the off years.

Atlanta 07... Kathy Schrock above, always an innovator, talked about education in Second Life...(yeah, i now blame her for this! LOL)

So, yeah...I was in Atlanta in 07, DC in 09.....and well, I can't resist Denver for the first ISTE10! The hashtag #ISTE10 is already perking on Twitter! Join in the chat now to see if you like the vibe! Join the ISTE10 Ning to build your ISTE PLN early!

On an entirely different subject...People often ask where i get my amazingly funny puns and one liners...( they ask or do they plaintively cry?...Ahem! Nevermind!) ....Simon Pegg will explain.

Warm room, satisfying occupation, creative outlet...kind man giving encouragement. i don't really see what the problem is!

No Whining and Keep Writing!

LOL just kidding!

...not about the writing though, get back to work kids!


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