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Hi! Had such a great time presenting my Session: Turbo Charge Your Resources: Fabulous Freebies, Great Gadgets, & Sweet Sites that Go the Distance! AKA Gadget-A-Go-Go!

Everything i went over and MORE can be found on 3 different wikipages! Click on the images below for:


GoAnimate.com: Beam Me Up Databases! by gwyneth

Wanna learn more about creating cartoons and animation vids?

There were a few things i didn't get a chance to get to highlight due to time...

See the Kick YouTube Wiki for the below graphic & MORE!


See the Adding Widgets Wiki for the below graphic & More!


Thank you everyone for the great feedback & kind words for my first national presentation...i was so excited & a little nervous! i can't add you all to my wiki cause i made it for my Murray Hill Middle School teachers & staff and adding members means that you intend to change my pages or add to them...but they're all public and i invite you to link back, copy or use anything i've created within the limits of fair use!In other words, Feel free to snag ANY of my graphics! if you can, just give me a teeny tiny wee link back is all i ask! But my thought is, never re-invent the wheel! Cheers!
LOVED my audience & participants! I took this pic for my mom!

and this picture is for my Aunt Lynn & my furry nephew Boo!

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