AASL in Charlotte: Beautiful, Dynamic & Gracious

AASL2009 Charlotte ....4,000 school librarians gathered to learn from each other and to build their personal learning networks...and to just be with their peeps. Brilliant!

The Bloggers' Cafe has already made a mark. Standing room only (until we got more chairs!) and upwards of 50 people all hanging out. AWESOME! A great place to chill, re-charge your laptop, meet new people, talk about hot topics (like flexible vs. fixed schedules) and share ideas. as Laura said: "Open Mike for Geeks" now if only we could have a strong, reliable Internet wireless connection in that corner life would be GOLDEN! Gah!

AASL Tech Angels!

I'm presenting my Gadget-A-Go-Go session this morning at 9:30: excited & a little nervous. Worried about connectivity - was very frustrating yesterday.....took some doofy movies with my digi cam back at the hotel...i really hope i won't have to show them. shaky dark cam....talk about Paranormal Technology! LOL and i'm super excited about the Library Tools Smackdown today!!


  1. Your session today rocked my socks! I can't wait to share all of the resources you provided with my comrades back home. Thanks so much!

    PS: Since you're a fan of the flip cameras, thought I'd mention digitalwishdotcom. They're offering the flips for $75.00 a piece. A great deal that you can share.

    Thanks again,

  2. Oh my stars, your presentation rocked my socks! I can't wait to share all of your great resources with my comrades back home. Many, many thanks!


    PS: Also, since you're a flip camera fan, I thought I'd put the digitalwish-dot-com bug in your ear. They've got the 2nd generation flips for $75.00 a piece. (Not to mention lots of other cool stuff).

  3. Gwyneth, you totally rocked this conference in everything you did. I crown you with the tiara of librarian awesomeness! LOVE what you did with the photos! :-)

    I am so glad we met, and I'm looking forward to working with you again....hopefully, SOON!



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