Social Media Dim Sum: Tasty Bites You Can Try

Social Media Dim Sum: One Small Plate at a Time

I love my PLN! When I have an idea I am struggling with I can go to them and ask for opinions, brainstorming, & help and - I get it! Here was my idea: a graphic that showed the tastiest bits of a PLN all in one place setting...with a side dish of other ways to build your PLN that were a bit more....ummm challenging.

The main plate features those parts of my Personal Learning Network that are the most significant to me: Twitter, Flickr, Google (Gmail & Google apps) Nings (Classroom 2.0, Teacher Librarian Ning, MSET, ISTE Community) Wikispaces and Sqworl. In the side of the bowl and just as important the Discovery Education Network. The side bowl features parts of a PLN that are significant, but that take more effort & time commitment: Second Life & Blogging. I'd like to reassure those new to network building that they need not try the virtual worlds of Second Life and blogging right away but can add those in the future after you're satisfied with the main plate!

I added Facebook later, even though I deleted my account (and yes, I will explain in a post at some time!) there are still people out there who find it significant.

I had a preso to do for my district - my beloved Howard County the next week & was inspired by all I saw and learned in Denver. Now don't snag or use the pic above...that was my imperfect first draft the final one is below and is free to use with attribution.

I'd like to show you the process of creation with my PLN & brainstorming so forgive me if this is a long post...feel free to skim & comment! :-)

It started with my email plea for help - Subject: Help! Quick Opinion....PLN Dim Sum - Hey beloved PLN! Please see attached graphic and chime in - Should I keep in the phrase? (in green) "Keep Your Appetite Large but Your Plate Small" OR take it out? and do you like the Title PLN Dim Sum? OR take it out? and do you like the Title PLN Dim Sum? Any change of wording or suggestions are VERY welcome! Thank You!!!!

My lovely friend Andrea Christman RESEARCHED the thing! LOVES her! So she gets a Photoshopped fun pic!

I LOVE the dim sum idea!!! I am thinking on the phrase “Keep your appetite large, but your plate small” though. I know what you are trying to say though. I looked up dim sum just to get some more ideas.
Don’t you want people to control their portions? You are telling people to leave some room on their plate for other things in life so actually, you want them to display some “portion control” and rein in their appetites.
Or you want them to choose a variety of dim sum so their plate is balanced. I am not sure you want them to have small plates or a plate with a variety. Don’t get stuck on one variety, i.e., from Wikipedia:
While dim sum (touch the heart) was originally not a main meal, only a snack, and therefore only meant to touch the heart, it is now a staple of Chinese dining culture, especially in Hong Kong.
Am I over-thinking this? Maybe your catchy phrase could be something along the lines of “it’s a balancing act” or “for your health” or something. I love how dim sum actually means “touch the heart” I didn’t know that! I don’t know if that could be worked into this….. Here is ordering advice from another website: … the best way to enjoy dim sum is with a group; otherwise you'll fill up on a few items and miss the opportunity to sample everything. On the other hand, you can always take home the leftovers! I’ll keep thinking and hopefully one of your other peeps will chime in!


the amazing Brenda Anderson replied: "okay, I'm going to follow Andrea with questioning keeping the plate small. While small is okay somehow it conveys to me a small mind which I do not think is good. I do think Andrea has zoned in on the key ideas here, balance, portion control, but also doing this with friends. Do what you love with balance and control. And you can't eat everything at once. Tasting and trying in small amounts is good. Make sure you are getting a balanced diet of life, virtual, real, work, pleasure. And save room to be spontaneous... those last minute dates that turn into moments to remember. We all do have full plates, but we don't want to be "small" in our thinking or experimenting, just find that healthy balance between caloric intake and output. And sharing with friends is a great way to keep the balance when the experimenting starts. One idea I heard repeatedly at ISTE10 was learning is social, just like eating, so the analogy is perfect"

The gorgeous Kyra Kreinbrook added: "Okay, I am right there with Andrea and Brenda. I was thinking that maybe you want them to "sample from the buffet" and that would mean taking a little of this and a little of that. You don't want to fill up on one thing, but to try it all....and it always more fun to go to a buffet and share and sample with a friend than doing it yourself. You want to save room for this fried bananas with honey....oh, sorry, back to the topic. You want to try it all and then maybe indulge in your favorite. Hope it helps. Let us know what you decide."

Shannon M. Miller is the consumate bubbly charming; cheerleader:
This is amazing! I really love it. And LOVE the PLN Dim Sum! I think I might take out the phrase in green....It says so much without it there....doesn't take anything away from the power of this. :) "

Jennifer Elam, the eLearning Facilitator in my county wrote:
"Personally, I like it. It goes well with --> Don't Overdue it! Leave some space for dessert, the future, & real life! Cute! Dim Sum! So Cute!"

SO YAY! response back to my friends: "Thank you all so much! I think I came up with the small plate idea because so many talk about how full their plate I thought rather than getting a bigger plate to pile on stuff think of dim sum or tappas and choose smaller plates. be selective about what you "order" to sample and have a variety! so...yeah...I need to focus on the tasty smaller bites and excersise portion control (ha ha!) - and share with the table! because you may try something - nibble it but not stay with it. -like plurk. love it - it's pretty - I have a plurk acct to connect with my Second Life Steampunk friends but Twitter I think has more power so I haven't logged into Plurk for months. I'm hungry....but I also am inspired by all of your GREAT IDEAS! Love my PLN! love you all!

Thus I came up with the final graphic depiction of a PLN meal for blogs & presos and one that you can click on to get all sizes: Remember, take small plates of dim sum...try a variety! Share with others & pass along... but don't overdo it otherwise you'll may feel uncomfortably full.
(UPDATED 7/13)

FEEL FREE TO USE - with Attribution

The preso I used this graphic was one I did in my own backyard...IE: my school district of Howard County!

"Break out beyond the brick and mortar confines of our schools with a super savvy web presence that takes your lessons home and spans the globe. Learn how you can easily make your program available to students via the web. Discover how to build a Personal Learning Network. Created for the HCPSS Summer Camp. Featuring the DEN Educator Network." Click through the Prezi below...


  1. Cool~ I had NO idea how this all turned out :) I like the progression of how your idea evolved...and "my" graphic (that you made for me) is cool too

    Glad to be in your village!


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