How to Create a Digital Signature

A month or so ago I had to coordinate getting the video releases of all those on the ISTE Smackdown panel...and to get them to sign the release - electronically.

The ISTE video release was a .PDF and like I've never signed a .PDF before electronically - I *have* signed & faxed them to make it easier I converted the .PDF into a .DOC and then did a little research and found a good resource with tips on How to Sign Documents Electronically

I think the easiest way is sign your name with a black sharpie on white paper and take a celly pic of it, crop & convert to .jpeg - insert picture Voila!

Now I may be the only person who did not know how to do this - but just in case there is just one other person out there... I thought I would share this with y'all!

International Reader Shout Out: Belgium!

From the mind of Agatha Christie came a fictional detective who was my first introduction to the country of Belgium. That's right...Hercule Poirot caught my imagination as a young teen and I went to my school library and looked up the book on Belgium and was totally fascinated! From the accessible accommodation website:
"Belgium's sluggish surface hides cultural cachet and a passion for pleasure.

If Belgium's spotlight on the European stage is a little dim, it's only because its people are rarely boastful. This slow-burning country has more history, art, food and architecture packed into its tiny self than many of its bigger, louder neighbours.

A rich and bubbling vat of beer, chocolate, oil paint and bureaucrats, Belgium gives off the heady pong of the bourgeoisie. But stir the pot a little and you'll find an 'artificial state' roughly made up of two parts Germanic Flemings to one part Celtic-Latin Walloons."
I've never been there...but I should like to visit someday!
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famous signatures: Kirkwood High School
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