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Mark Moran of Finding Dulcinea told me in Denver about this AWEsome new site that Sweet Search created and was launching for schools but it wasn't ready yet for me to tell you, dear reader

...until NOW! YAY!

As someone who helps to run a TV Studio every day in their school this site is going to be a lifesaver! Our MHTV studio uses news sources on our MHTV Wiki like Britannica's StudentNews.net to create our national news stories. We also feature local news, weather, entertainment & sports... it's a daily TV news broadcast created FOR kids BY Kids. But sometimes we can't find anything appropriate for Middle Schoolers or newsworthy! So this Sweet Search Today site is going to be a one stop shop, baby!

GoAnimate.com: Welcome to MHTV Daily Teen News! by gwyneth

Sweet Search 2Day features brilliant "Of the Day" information, sweet regular features, links to the latest news - Google, BBC, & CBBC NewsRound (such as if Harry Potter were a real person he'd be 30 today!), and News Trust sites, & Brain teasers!

They even have a link to an all time FAV - Week in Rap!

All terrific resources gathered together and organized in a fast loading & clean format - I confess, I've jazzed up the screenshots for my blog cause that's what I do & how I roll, but the site really looks like this:

Oh! AND WIDGETS!!!!!!! Talk about SWEET!

I added the widget to our WIKI mainpage and the image above to our National News wikipage so when my kids come back to the studio they have an exciting and new student news source! Oh and this would also be great for Social Studies classes! Think of the warm-ups & conversation starters! Funky Fresh!
Which makes me think of how cool & funky fresh this new KIA Soul commercial is and how much I'd like to play this classic 90's rap song: The Choice is Yours by the Black Sheep on our MHTV show!

"Out to rock the globe while it's still here to rock
Don't punch girls, and we don't punch a clock"

Anti-violence messages are always welcome in a Middle School! Esp. when coupled with a sweet beat! When I saw this commercial - it sounded familliar and I thought they had sampled Fat Boy Slim's - Weapon of Choice riff but according to HMC blog - it was the other way around!
"While their biggest hit, “The Choice is Yours”, was well known, it is most famous for being sampled in Fatboy Slim‘s “Weapon of Choice”. “The Choice is Yours” is straight up 90s rap while “Weapon of Choice” is classic Fatboy Slim, a bunch of well known samples mixed. Both songs are good in their own ways, although I tip the scale towards Fatboy Slim for having the greatest music video of all-time featuring Christopher Walken." (Who I find strangely Hot here - dancing so suavely!)
Umm errrr...see what i mean...WATCH the Video....

Oh and Mr. Walken? Call me!


  1. Thank you Gwyneth! We're honored, and flattered, by your review. And we love the way you jazzed up the site! This is the beta version; we'll consider your Web design ideas for the formal release! I'm thrilled you noticed how carefully we chose every single feed and link; we don't want to offer anything but the best content online for students. We'll add more as we go; look for Letters of Note and NatGeo's Geo Bee to be added this week. High school students and teachers will particularly love the Interview of the Day; in the first 3 days, we featured old interviews with Eleanor Roosevelt, Sir Edmund Hillary and Benazir Bhutto. As for Social Studies Class, well, we have a whole other page with resources for that, at http://www.SweetSearch.com/socialstudies I look forward to catching up with you at the next conference!

    Warm regards,


  2. My pleasure, Mark! When I see a great site that can help other teachers & librarians I've gotta share it! No need to redesign the site..I love the clean white & easy to load! I just like to jazz up my blog is all! Keep up the great work! Another great addition to your Sweet Search! http://www.sweetsearch.com/


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