Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to Use Kick Youtube

Ever want to show a vid to your class but it's on YouTube and YouTube is blocked by your firewall? Well, download it on your HD in a few easy steps and play it as an MP4!

(UPDATE Feb 20, 2012: I now use Keepvid.com ! )

Want to snag these graphics to use them on your blog or wiki? Download them from my Steam Powered Wiki either in jpeg form (both black background or wiki white) or snag the the Comic Life docs

Blabberize & Podcasting

This site as mentioned on my wiki

inspired me to create this Twilight inspired Blabberize to get my kids to return their Library Media Books!

Easy & Fun to do...i wouldn't use kids faces...they can looks sorta odd..but more like animals, famous paintings, GREAT for biography podcasts...so many ideas... even Tiskers the Kitteh wanted to get in on it (did this for my auntie showing her how easy it was!)

The Best Twitterers For Sharing Resource Links

so, i've been following Larry Ferlazzo for a while now and he's written an excellent post on his blog about which Twitterers to follow for Sharing Resources...here it is quoted:

This is a companion “The Best…” list to The Best blogs for sharing resource links.

I developed this list by first going to Tweet Stats, typing in my Twitter user name (larryferlazzo) and then clicked on “Tweet Cloud.” Within that cloud I was able to see the Twitter user names of those whom I had “retweeted” (forwarded) the most. Since I generally only retweet education-related links, I’m including all the Twitter users in this list who appeared in my “cloud.”

There’s probably a tool out there that provides a better way to determine who one retweets the most, but this will do for now.

The cloud indicates how many times you’ve retweeted that person, but I didn’t have time to list them in that order here.

Of course, there are zillions of people I don’t “follow” on Twitter, so you might want to take “The Best…” label with “a grain of salt.”

Here are my choices for The Best Twitterers For Sharing Resource LInks:

Alice Mercer

Jim Burke (englishcomp)

Jackie Gerstein

Karenne Sylvester (kalinagoenglish)

K.D. Washburn

Nancy Devine

Nik Peachey

Shonah Kennedy (MissShonah)

Russel Tarr

Shelly Terrell

A Wooldridge (storytellin)

Diana Dell

Kevin Hodgson (dogtrax)

Burcu Akyol

Here are a few more whom I’m surprised are not in my “tweet cloud:”

Kelly Hines

Suzanne Whisler

Angela Maiers

Richard Byrne

Other suggestions are always welcome.

Who do you think is missing from the list?
here are a couple: (i'll prolly add more later)
Want to add several at one time!? Here's a COOL new tool!
Twitter Follower for Teachers
add a mass list of educational twitterers at once!
also....check out the hash tag #teachertuesday to see all the teacher tech twittering of the day!

Do you BLOCK non-educators from your Twitter feed? i do! i block all the "make money from twitter" and "check out my sexy pics" people....good luck to them, but i just don't want them following me, nor i them.

this was my reply to the post:
Great post & resource to start building your PLN! after blocking so many “get rich on twitter” and “see my sexy pics” people it’s great to be able to stal…i mean follow…some like minded ed tech peeps! hope you don’t mind if i re-blog this with full creds!

Re: Twitter: i had 1 account for years for my Second Life & Ed Tech friends but was inspired by the #NECC09 backchannel to become finally transparent and create a tech one under my RL name ….moving some of my followers over has been a challenge! [grins] maintaining 2 twitters accounts is interesting but makes sense…some even have diff accounts per conference …or just a conference account to keep all resources and “session notes” in one place. interesting but exhausting to me!
and for my SL peeps

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Colbert Report: Nailed 'Em - Library Crime

Nailed 'Em - Library Crime
The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorMark Sanford

Dominic Philip gets banned from his local library after a photo of him tooting a kazoo in a parade is spotted.

Loves me some Colbert! Join the Colbert Nation! This is SO Funny but brings up important issues. Out of district students? Conservation of resources? How is this kid different than an Inter Library Loan? Are books owned by district, county, or state?

Media Specialist Question: Do you really *like* to share your school's Media Center books with other schools? I mean, we all DO it but do we LIKE to do it? Honestly? So, i'll confess..... sometimes i don't like sending my brand new popular Anime/Twilight or sports book to another school because the lending period goes from 3 weeks to 6 and they've also been lost more often than not. But i do it because the books belong to ALL the kids in my county...not just in my school. However, any kid asking me for a book that i don't have in my collection....and another school library has....makes me buy it right away! I mean, going to Amazon.com and i try and get it in DAYS....because this shows the kids that we're responsive & eager to get the books *they* want...(sorry Baker & Taylor!) best way to buy books IMHO.

What do you think?
Do Books belong to the school or county?
What about public libraries?
Comments greatly appreciated!


found by lgilbert on Twitter and from LISNews Librarian And Information Science News

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Musings & Lessons Learned from NECC09

NECC09 Washington DC on PhotoPeach

Musings, & Lessons Learned from the NECC Conference, 09

First, you may want to take the test What Kind of Tech User Are You?....then think about the ONE thing you would like to learn or apply to your career in the next year...

"Our plates should be small but our appetite LARGE for new technology"

but what i'm saying is..... pace yourself, you can't learn AND use everything you hear about ALL the time! if you just concentrate one thing each week/month/year......heck even if you only try one thing on one day each year you're ahead of 90% of the tech users & teachers out there! see? not so bad!
and if you're the daring sort...the kind that isn't afraid to dive into the digital pool and swim with the fishy digital collaborators...know that there will ALWAYS be someone who is doing more than you...who humbles you with all that they utilize in their classroom or school (i get both overwhelmed and inspired when i listen to Joyce Vallenza!!!) but if we measured ourselves by these superstars we'd never get anything accomplished cause we wouldn't even try! LOL

so do what you can....try a few new things....and always ALWAYS SHARE SHARE SHARE! take the "each one, teach one" - NTTI model or the new digital collaborator model of "each one, tell many"
So Blog...Twitter....Wiki...Plurk....document and SHARE your successes AND your failures! heck, our failures teach us more than anything! Build your PLN (Personal Learning Network) you're not alone...even if you're the only one in your school trying new things...you're not alone if you join and participate and develop your PLN.
PLN's that are vibrant and you should consider joining:

Twitter...join...try it out...search for the hashtag #NECC09... it's still perking a bit! i invite you to follow me at /gwynethjones
Nings! Social Networks for Educators...the best of Facebook & Myspace but all for educators

Visit TeacherLibrarianNetwork


Visit ISTE Community


Visit Classroom 2.0


Visit NECC Ning


Visit Teachers 2.0

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Something Wiki This Way Comes

Wiki's in Plain English - a Great Vid!


What's a Wiki?

A wiki is a web site that lets any visitor become a participant: you can create or edit the actual site contents without any special technical knowledge or tools. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. A wiki is continuously “under revision.” It is a living collaboration whose purpose is the sharing of the creative process and product by many. One famous example is Wiki-pedia, an online encyclopedia with no “authors” but millions of contributors and editors. The word "wiki" comes from Hawaiian language, meaning "quick" or "fast."

The Difference between a Wiki and a Blog (from a chat i had a while back with Adam F. of wikispaces at Tappedin.org)

"The simple answer is that a blog is like a journal. It's great if you want to have an ongoing dialogue or discussion. Say, if the kids are keeping a daily diary about their homework, or about any topic. A wiki, however, is less about new content every day, and more about evolving the same content over time.
So for example, on a wiki, you could have a student post an essay, and then another student can make some additions and corrections, and another, and another, and over time the essay improves and becomes the work of the whole class.

"Blogs are about communicating, wikis are about getting work done, or working together"

So the long-time debate about what is a blog and what is a wiki can hopefully be put to rest.

Why use a wiki rather than a web page or a blog? Wiki's are a best practice of the Web 2.0 read/write technology and they are EASY to use! On this page will explore the uses of a wiki, how to create one, customizing its appearance, and the ease of posting to a wiki rather than the traditional web page. Discussion will also include using wiki's in the classroom safely with students for collaboration projects and literary conversations, and as an ongoing professional development piece you can use with your teachers and staff.

And has the Wiki changed everything we ever did in web design? it has for me! Here's a discussion i started a few years ago:

Does the Wiki replace web design?

i asked this question on my iWeb Electronic Portfolio....and later on this wikipage which drove me crazy for about 40 min before i remembered how to fetch the updated html up to my county's webserver....cursing under my breath in high school Russian (don't ask!) i was wondering why i couldn't remember how to DO it as smoothly and the answer came to me...ever since NECC Atlanta i've been going Wiki-crazy! all my published pieces have gone here or my other wiki's (see navigator bar) and not on traditional web pages...so it lead me to ask....

"As a web 2.0 technology educator have we moved past web design software packages and are “dumbing it down” for ease of posting by being so wiki-centric? or does it make total sense to be fast with our delivery, offer a chance for discussion and collaborative creation"
please comment here & give your thoughts!
Now...moving on!
adding Widgets & Video's to your wikispaces:

(click images above and below for full size)

Also see my Something Wiki This Way Comes Wikipage....for more!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wakerupper.com & Using Twitter

When searching for what to name this blog i came across two brilliant bloggers. Another Gwyneth got the gwyneth.blogspot.com before me....
(so after reading that ...combined with the fact that she's a techie grrl, i of course had to comment that i was proud to have the same name! see below) ...and as a thank you i'm going to steal one of her AWESOME posts that i found very helpful! [grins] we teachers are prone to do that..professional thieving...with full creds, of course! it's like Re-tweeting! in fact...this was my comment to her and the blog!
gwyneth said..
WOW...i did a search to see who had gwyneth.blogspot..of course i knew it would be taken...and am i happy that if someone had to have it...it was you. you're cool. [grins] super techie cool! and i'm proud to share your name. i've been on the interweb since the time of Mudds, gopher and compuserve but as a coupla pseudonyms...now that i'm thinking of coming transparent i find you..got there the FIRST! i'm just so glad you're not a Paltrow fan site..aren't we tired of *HER?* i'll trundle off and think of another blogger name...cheers!~the other Gwyneth--

Wakerupper.com - Free Wake-up Calls and Telephone Reminders

(its FREE!!)

Use Wakerupper to...
* Set a wake-up call at a specific time
* Remind yourself of important events
* Remember to take medication on time
* Escape from a boring date or meeting
* Remind child or spouse to do chores
* Set reminders for tasks and follow-ups
Then i thought of another name.....Tech Musings....as my Second Life blog was called Metaphysical Musings .....i thought it was somehow fitting and DRAT! it was taken by this really talented and cool tech writer called Neil Ennis....Gah! Blurg! and [shakes fist] well, of course i had to write to him with my shaking fist of envy at his snagging the name...we've since become friends on TWITTER (and if you're reading this, i'd LOVE for you to follow me there! i only block the web cam chicks and the "make money on Twitter" twits! LOL) so in honour of him i will also steal one of his most excellent postings about Twitter!! heh heh

Using Twitter

A few friends have asked me to explain twitter.

Rather that re-invent the wheel, I thought I’d upload a few links that explain what it’s all about.

1. The official Twitter Help Resources / Getting Started

2. How to Use Twitter Without Twitter Owning You – 5 Tips (Tim Ferriss)

3. How to Use Twitter (Darcy Logan, includes great short video)

4. Newbie’s guide to Twitter

5. Twitter Fan Wiki (Sort of like Wikipedia for Twitter)

6 HashTags

Actually HashTags deserve a post all of their own. I’ll post something about that later.

I hope these links help. The bottom line for Twitter I think is to follow people who have something interesting to say. Don’t just follow anyone, because then the interesting comments will get drowned out with “noise”.

And the converse is that it’s important make your posts useful. Say stuff that will be interesting to people who follow you.


I also have a Wikipage called Eduational Twittering that you might want to look at!

Cheers one and all!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

#NECC09 Conference - Washington, DC

(click for full size image)

WARNING: rambling post with many parenthetical interjections - also, this post originally was on my Second Life blog......and i brought it over here! don't worry, it'll make sense eventually.

so the NECC conference in DC was just brilliant this year! the Twittering back channel conversation was so stimulating and i made so many new Twitterfollowingfriends! 100+....lovely, smart, & cool colleagues who can continue the discussion about Educational Technology - expanded my Personal Learning Network!.....so..... i've decided to become transparent...my worlds are colliding anyway... my interweb & SL life and my RL life...this blog will still mostly be about my SL adventures and library/technology & education work in Second Life (what little i do between changing clothes and being a Victorian Steampunk chick) but i'll maybe add more RL or at least not be so cicumspect about who i am and what i do...(as a library media/technology specialist and a graduate instructor at Johns Hopkins Uni)....but because of my early years on the web (and don't we all have these stories? and try and one up each other about how hip and cool we were with appletalk, mudds, WBS, TTRconferencing, compuserve, gopher, and a 14/4k modem with a 100 foot phone cord?) i learned to stay mum about who i really was...doing my thing and being internet aware...lots of pseudonyms! i won't list ALL of them here..(sheah, right...like duh!) anyway...mostly i didn't want my students to see what a snarky smartarse i am and to be able to let off steam with my opinions...i still worry...teachers have been fired over what they've blogged about...i like my private life well, private. i do historic re-enactment where i play a pirate wench for gosh sakes! otherwise i'm pretty tame [blinks and smiles sweetly]....so anyway...how much of your RL do you let out there? i mean...really. so, hmmm not going to over think this but i may make some past posts private. and or start a technology blog that keeps the saucier side of me out of it...(omg, not ANOTHER BLOG!) or i guess i can just blog my technology thoughts on my library blog but that has always been just for my kids & community and as a program pomotional piece...hmm WWJVD (what would Joyce Valenza do?) maybe i'll be semi-transparent then. so, ok educators....fellow technology teachers...if you found this and are looking for me i'm sure you can find the real me by what i do or you can leave a comment here and i'll hit you back. k?

so one of the highlights of the conference (for the heavier and more techy stuff check out my wiki) i got to meet the lovely, gracious, funny and adorable Miss Eleanor Anderton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eleanor is one of my oldest friends in Second Life....along with Miss Serafina Puchkina and June Wozniak...anyway....it was Miss Anderton's Shopping alerts that got me in the inventory laden addicted clothes buying stocking wearing mess that i am today in SL....and i love her for it. we were trying to connect for a couple days...and with so many sessions to attend and 19,000 people there..it wasn't easy. finally in a session on creating PLN's in SL and i was hoping with this crazy red hair of mine i'd stand out...and finally as i was leaving i heard the sweet dulcet voice yelling "RED!" and Squeee!!!! huggies galore! YAY! i very nearly jumped up and down and well....YAY! we giggled over things and made our way to the second life playground where we picked up our special SL badges and our Second Lifer (snarf) ribbons because apparently having as MANY little ribbons on your badge is like crack to my geek tribe and well....we started gossiping about shoes and stuff and the people around us were looking at us a little oddly....see? Second Life is that thing that sucks you in and swallows you up! seee?!!!! LOL anyway....it was just lovely...but i'm happy i'm home and can sleep in my own bed...Mmmmm

so ok...semi-transparent. i'm out and proud...as Capt_Red, a Second Lifer and a Librarian....and a redhead! \\FTW//! oh and now i'm plurking....oh the madness! thanks Sera & Ele! gah! more stuff to keep up with....what WILL i do?! LOL

postscript: ok....so i'm not only semi-transparent but fully transparent ....cause here's that blog with my RL name on it...Oh the humanity! keeping up with yet ANOTHER web platform!! Blurg! LOL


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