Colbert Report: Nailed 'Em - Library Crime

Nailed 'Em - Library Crime
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Dominic Philip gets banned from his local library after a photo of him tooting a kazoo in a parade is spotted.

Loves me some Colbert! Join the Colbert Nation! This is SO Funny but brings up important issues. Out of district students? Conservation of resources? How is this kid different than an Inter Library Loan? Are books owned by district, county, or state?

Media Specialist Question: Do you really *like* to share your school's Media Center books with other schools? I mean, we all DO it but do we LIKE to do it? Honestly? So, i'll confess..... sometimes i don't like sending my brand new popular Anime/Twilight or sports book to another school because the lending period goes from 3 weeks to 6 and they've also been lost more often than not. But i do it because the books belong to ALL the kids in my county...not just in my school. However, any kid asking me for a book that i don't have in my collection....and another school library has....makes me buy it right away! I mean, going to and i try and get it in DAYS....because this shows the kids that we're responsive & eager to get the books *they* want...(sorry Baker & Taylor!) best way to buy books IMHO.

What do you think?
Do Books belong to the school or county?
What about public libraries?
Comments greatly appreciated!


found by lgilbert on Twitter and from LISNews Librarian And Information Science News


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