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When searching for what to name this blog i came across two brilliant bloggers. Another Gwyneth got the gwyneth.blogspot.com before me....
(so after reading that ...combined with the fact that she's a techie grrl, i of course had to comment that i was proud to have the same name! see below) ...and as a thank you i'm going to steal one of her AWESOME posts that i found very helpful! [grins] we teachers are prone to do that..professional thieving...with full creds, of course! it's like Re-tweeting! in fact...this was my comment to her and the blog!
gwyneth said..
WOW...i did a search to see who had gwyneth.blogspot..of course i knew it would be taken...and am i happy that if someone had to have it...it was you. you're cool. [grins] super techie cool! and i'm proud to share your name. i've been on the interweb since the time of Mudds, gopher and compuserve but as a coupla pseudonyms...now that i'm thinking of coming transparent i find you..got there the FIRST! i'm just so glad you're not a Paltrow fan site..aren't we tired of *HER?* i'll trundle off and think of another blogger name...cheers!~the other Gwyneth--

Wakerupper.com - Free Wake-up Calls and Telephone Reminders

(its FREE!!)

Use Wakerupper to...
* Set a wake-up call at a specific time
* Remind yourself of important events
* Remember to take medication on time
* Escape from a boring date or meeting
* Remind child or spouse to do chores
* Set reminders for tasks and follow-ups
Then i thought of another name.....Tech Musings....as my Second Life blog was called Metaphysical Musings .....i thought it was somehow fitting and DRAT! it was taken by this really talented and cool tech writer called Neil Ennis....Gah! Blurg! and [shakes fist] well, of course i had to write to him with my shaking fist of envy at his snagging the name...we've since become friends on TWITTER (and if you're reading this, i'd LOVE for you to follow me there! i only block the web cam chicks and the "make money on Twitter" twits! LOL) so in honour of him i will also steal one of his most excellent postings about Twitter!! heh heh

Using Twitter

A few friends have asked me to explain twitter.

Rather that re-invent the wheel, I thought I’d upload a few links that explain what it’s all about.

1. The official Twitter Help Resources / Getting Started

2. How to Use Twitter Without Twitter Owning You – 5 Tips (Tim Ferriss)

3. How to Use Twitter (Darcy Logan, includes great short video)

4. Newbie’s guide to Twitter

5. Twitter Fan Wiki (Sort of like Wikipedia for Twitter)

6 HashTags

Actually HashTags deserve a post all of their own. I’ll post something about that later.

I hope these links help. The bottom line for Twitter I think is to follow people who have something interesting to say. Don’t just follow anyone, because then the interesting comments will get drowned out with “noise”.

And the converse is that it’s important make your posts useful. Say stuff that will be interesting to people who follow you.


I also have a Wikipage called Eduational Twittering that you might want to look at!

Cheers one and all!



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