Musings & Lessons Learned from NECC09

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Musings, & Lessons Learned from the NECC Conference, 09

First, you may want to take the test What Kind of Tech User Are You?....then think about the ONE thing you would like to learn or apply to your career in the next year...

"Our plates should be small but our appetite LARGE for new technology"

but what i'm saying is..... pace yourself, you can't learn AND use everything you hear about ALL the time! if you just concentrate one thing each week/month/year......heck even if you only try one thing on one day each year you're ahead of 90% of the tech users & teachers out there! see? not so bad!
and if you're the daring sort...the kind that isn't afraid to dive into the digital pool and swim with the fishy digital collaborators...know that there will ALWAYS be someone who is doing more than you...who humbles you with all that they utilize in their classroom or school (i get both overwhelmed and inspired when i listen to Joyce Vallenza!!!) but if we measured ourselves by these superstars we'd never get anything accomplished cause we wouldn't even try! LOL

so do what you can....try a few new things....and always ALWAYS SHARE SHARE SHARE! take the "each one, teach one" - NTTI model or the new digital collaborator model of "each one, tell many"
So Blog...Twitter....Wiki...Plurk....document and SHARE your successes AND your failures! heck, our failures teach us more than anything! Build your PLN (Personal Learning Network) you're not alone...even if you're the only one in your school trying new're not alone if you join and participate and develop your PLN.
PLN's that are vibrant and you should consider joining:

Twitter...join...try it for the hashtag #NECC09... it's still perking a bit! i invite you to follow me at /gwynethjones
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