Don't Hate the Hashtag: A Social Media Revolution for School Librarians

Being asked to be the keynote at MASL was a huge compliment, and I'm honored to speak to my fellow Maryland teacher-librarians. My tough-love message is one that is a little hard to hear, one that doesn't accept the "yeah, buts" and excuses of county filters, the locked net monster, and draconian IT departments but hopefully one that will offer a lot of easy ways to make the digital shift that will solidify our position as invaluable and undeniably the EdTech and literacy leaders in our buildings, communities, and districts. And one that hopefully won't be as long winded as that last sentence.

Resources for this keynote can be found on my Don't Hate the Hashtag Sqworl group.

Resources for this session can be found on my Animation Studios & Sites wikipage and my Animation Sites & Education Resources HUGE group of Links Sqworl group.


  1. Gwyneth, just found my way here via your Twitter how to image (which kicked my out of my blogging stupor and got me to actually post, not just start drafting.) You have some FREAKIN amazing stuff here on your site. I will passing this along to some WA state library folks I've been working with this year. TERRIFIC stuff. THANK YOU!


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