Cartoonerific! David Lanham is a
Bucketfull of AWEsome!

I found out about David Lanham - the amazing & talented artist from the Iconfactory who created the Ollie the Twitter bird (now available to purchase as a collectible toy!) on Mashable: FaceTime + $50 = Awesome Personalized Avatar & Wired: Geek Artist Making $50 Caricatures Over FaceTime this summer and just had to fearfully indulge in a custom cartoon avatar! I loved his style and he's got all kinds of geek hipster street cred! My geek greed demanded to be satiated!

It took over a month to get an appointment - Here's the outfit I was wearing

A Mini Tophat from, monocle on a black satin ribbon, babyphat black crotchet sweater, Steampunk Louise Black orig antique doll part necklace and lots of goth makeup!

We connected via Skype and had a lovely convo for about 20 min or so while he sketched (and showed me a super cute puppy he and his wife are fostering) and this was the result! Very cool and SO worth it!

Funny, I think it looks good...I look like a sweet dotty Steampunk English lady here! OMFG!* What a hoot! I'm OK with that.

He's even given me permission to tweak it as needed or desired (he understands my near pathological addiction to Photoshop) So I made a version that was super bright and of course...POSTERIZED it!

Check out the David Lanham Flickr Gallery.

@dlanham [Twitter]

Dave’s website home-page [Dave Lanham]

*OMFG: Oh my fairy godmother


  1. Awesome, I love your avatar. Mine is on the downside and looks really bad. Blogging 4ever!

  2. You are gorgeous in any of the worlds you inhabit! I recognized the necklace even before I saw the photo: lovely bit of Victoriana steampunkishness ;-)

  3. Awww thank you guys! [blushes & hugs] You're the best! From one of my fav 6th graders (Bookgal123) to my two fav Library mentors! Muwa!

  4. Thank you daring librarian. Wait you meant me right?

  5. Yes, dear Bookgal123, I did mean you! BTW, Bill Edwards of NPR fame was QUITE impressed with you! Said you had a natural engaging leadership & suggests politics when you grow up!...and I said, NO! I want her to be a school librarian when she grows up!


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