Library Decorating & Back to School Special Slidedeck!

How exciting! We were so pleased to see so many wonderful "faces" at the TL Virtual Cafe webinar this past Monday! New & Familliar ones, too! (BTW, I Love hosting #TLChat Cafe but am always juggling 2 much to give a proper shout out to everyone.. forgive me peeps if i missd ya! LOVE YA!) Here are the slides we shared which are being featured on Slideshare's Education page! I got this email today:
"Your presentation Tl cafe btsn_combined1 is currently showcased on the Education page by our editorial team.

It's likely to remain there for the next 16-20 hours..."
and wouldn't you know it, we've had over 600 hits! Makes me wish I had taken the time to name it better in my rush to solve the Elluminate slide issue that cropped up at the last min!
It was great sharing ideas on how to collaborate with teachers at the beginning of the we decorate our media centers and find ways to give our customers (our kids!) the best service possible! Did you miss the Cafe webinar? The full & text archive, resources, and more can be found - as always - on the webinar session wikipage!

Another exciting moment, the day after the Webinar Kathy Kaldenberg, the The Peripatetic Librarian tweeted this out! (photo by: Kathy Kaldenberg)

@gwynethjones shared this at last night's webinar, so this a.m., we did this #soloncsd posted by @scsdmedia from TweetDeck 14 hours 40 mins ago (photo by: Kathy Kaldenberg)

all I can say to that is YAY! a Tip for positioning on's nice to see them popping out of a bookcase like Kathy did...or bumping over the boarder of a banner or sign is a neat graphic design trick that looks cool! See Yo Yo Ma!

I forgot to mention another trick for decorating... laminating coloured saran wrap to make a nice flim to put up on the walls for a splash of light and colour. I sometimes even throw in glitter or strands of iridescent packing strands...

Laminating coloured saran wrap gives a splash of colour to a wall, reflects light, and doesn't collect dust 0oooooh shiny! Works as "water" behind the fishnet, too!

Arrrrr! Pirates, Ninjas, & Zombies - OH MY!
Archie McPhee toys I give out to the kids for good answers during lessons (or when I catch them doing something good & civil) What kid doesn't like Pirates & Ninja's?

Motion Sensored Digital Photo frame displaying kids working, resources, & our special programs!


  1. I love how you have celebrities on your walls! How do you get these posters? I'd love to get my hands on a few. Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Jessica thank you so much for your comment! Oh I'm sorry! I thought that was mentioned... they're the ALA Graphics Celebrity READ Posters! They got crinkled when I laminated them & I almost threw them away but this was a fun re-purpose!
      We ARE going to have a BTS special! Sept 10th!


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