The Perfect BrainStorm: Edistorm Crowdsourcing

According to CrunchBase "Edistorm is a social brainstorming application empowering friends and coworkers to rapidly brainstorm and make better decisions."
And as one of my EdTech heroes Chris Smith aka Shamblesguru said "Edistorm ... looks like #Wallwisher on steroids" and it's true! Sometimes I stumble across new ideas and they just make me shiver at how cool and mind blowing they are or could be!... this is one of those moments!
Need convincing? Watch this!

Try it out & help us get ready for the November TL Virtual Cafe session: Picture That: Using Images In The Classroom Join us on November 1st - 8pm EST Special Guest: Diane Cordell (left) with yours truly as the hostess! Keep an eye on our Session Wikipage for more information.

Why not gear up for this exciting webinar by trying out Edistorm and add your ideas to this! Started Brainstorming - Uses of Digital Imaging in the School, Library, & Classroom - on Edistorm

I just joined and I'm learning the in's and outs of far, I don't see how you can embed it on a wiki or blog page...or how to edit the title & description once you create them...but I contacted the creators:
Comments: "FIRST you're AWEsome! I would like to suggest you give a few private storms to proven educators (those who can verify with email addy's from school systems like - Getting educators on your side will make this go HUGE!"

Then guess what? Whodathunkit! The geeky hot founder of Edistorm himself Reg Cheramy emailed & tweeted me directly!

"Hi Gwyneth,

Thanks for loving Edistorm! You'll be excited to hear we're going to be launching special educational pricing shortly that will in do just that. :D

Love to hear what specifically you love about Edistorm and how you intend to use it. We're getting interest from educators around the world and are excited about our new plans to make it more accessible to the education market.

....There is not time set for the embedding but is something we want to do. Ed discounts should be live this week." (photo credit: Edistorm)

edistorm @gwynethjones great education discounts coming as is editing description. Embedding is on the roadmap.

So try it! It's very cool! I see a whole lot of potential there for amazingly vibrant crowdsourcing! I love the ability to group suggestions, commenting, and the real time aspect of it - that sometimes WallWisher had a problem with. I would love to be able to attach a working URL with a thumbnail preview...and multimedia. I don't ask for much but I really REALLY got excited after previewing this and watching the video.

What do YOU think?

Photo credits: Edistorm graphics & Reg Pic from Edistorm CrunchBase, Shambles Guru, and Diane Cordell's AMAZING Flickr Gallery


  1. Thanks for the great article! Looking forward to how your readers use Edistorm!


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