Where's Blue Bear and Thank you ALL!

Is He in Outer Space With Mr. Spock, Lieutenant Uhura , and the Gorn?

Is He in the Steampunk City of New Babbage Second Life?
On the roof of Red's Revenge Factory & Public House?

ISTE | Where's Blue Bear? Contest

Join in on the Fun! Click above to See the Rules and Directions for the Where's Blue Bear contest....Enter for a change to win an iPod Touch or Digital Camera. Join the Flickr Group to see ALL the fun pictures uploaded already!

Thank You ALL!

The Votes are in - and I'm your next PK-12 ISTE Board of Directors Representative!

Pinch me! I'm just that excited!

Thank you Doug Johnson for creating this very unusual and fun picture and for your kind blog post Gwyneth wins ISTE board seat which set me to blush!

I also want to say thank you to my friend Diane Cordel and her kind blog post Gwyneth Get's it Done! I am honored and proud to have been elected to the ISTE Board of Directors. Hope to see everyone in Denver this summer when I shall officially start my new duties.

International Reader Shout-Out! To all 165 of my darling (and related!) readers from Great Britain!

Of course, one can tell from my name that I am of Welsh descent and I consider myself a happy Celtic Mix of Irish, Scots, and of course Welsh..... So, there's a little part of me that wishes my Clustr maps would not clump my Celtic lands in with England. So that i might know if there is a Gareth, Grainne, or Lachlan reading from Wales, Ireland or Scotland...Now don't get me wrong, I can't be an English-hater... because they brought me my boys from Swindon! - the god that is Andy Partridge and Xtc. (and many other 80's Punk, Ska, & new wave bands) I have been an Xtc fan since Black Sea.
I have also traveled all over the UK - London, Cambridge, Glasgow, Stoke-on-Trent (pottery!) Edinburgh, Beaumaris, Rhyl, Conwy, - Dublin, and a lot of cities all down the east coast of Ireland. Some great memories strolling along Portobello Road looking for English silver and Pewter....and stained glass.
Someday I dream of a Welsh (or Cornish!) stone cottage within walking distance of a Village...and Pub..somewhere my Welsh coal miner ancestors would approve....it would be lovely if it was on a river....[sighs]....maybe a cottage for a summer? Sorry...I'm blathering on here...United Kingdom... I love you.

Her silver was lovely...but a bit dear.


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