Colbert Makes iPad Salsa

iPad Salsa....Mmmm Mmmm Nom nom!

"Stephen Colbert got his hands on an iPad last night. He said it's good for emailing, shading the sun from your eyes, and making salsa. He also pointed out that it's just like an iPhone -- you can't make calls from it."
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Stephen Gets a Free iPad
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Cause Stephen Colbert makes the cream cheese wrapper funny!
MMmm salsa! Must to get me one of those fancy salsa makers
that also does some other stuff! But wait, there's more!
Get a Kindle, too cause it's easier on the eyes darlings
trust me.

Loves me my kindle!

There's room for all kinds of new does not need to replace another... BUT the backlight on the iPad is not comfortable for long reading - it can't show websites that utilize flash (WTF!?) and the battery power & charge is lame compared to the Kindle....but yeah, i've blogged about this before... /rant BUT....there is a tweetdeck app for the iPad and apparently it's GORGEOUS! see video
Gah! stop it Apple!!!...don't make me want you again! [pets her macbook and mentally shakes her fist] and why didn't i invest back in '97 when i had the chance & opportunity!??? [sniffs]

sources: Business Insider -
Nicholas Carlson
Larryferlazzo RT @NiemanLab:


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