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What it means to be a Change Agent in Educational Technology

Monday April 5 - 8:00 pm. EST
Special Guests: Ben Hazzard and Rodd Lucier
Hostess: Gwyneth Jones
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How this digital phenomenon came about and how it came to the Cafe.
I was watching from the sidelines in a snowstorm, dejected about not being at Educon this year...tapping my PLN via Twitter came across this product.
From the Educon Twitter Feed:
"benhazzard: We wrote a book today at Educon! The Field Guide for Change Agents (RT, take, read, share!)

So, of course i HAD to blog about it and was proud to be one of those first embeds. Was blown away by the simple, so sticky!Sunday, Jan 31 Afternoon: 1650 views, 12 favs, 8 embeds!!
Monday, Feb 1 Morning: 2647 views, 17 favs, 16 embeds
Tuesday, Feb 2 Morning: 3617 views, 23 favs, 20 embeds
Thursday March 4th.....6556 views, 39 favs, 31 embeds
Today Sunday March 28th ..6973 views, 41 favs, 34 embeds
I think this counts as Viral! and thus became our determination to bring Ben Hazzard (and hopefully his partner in crime, Rodd Lucier ) to our TL Virtual Cafe to talk about this very important subject!....


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