Write a Book Review - Read a Book Review!

Write a Book Review - Read a Book Review!

Hey there Teacher-Librarian peeeps! I've started up something super cool i just gotta tell you about! And yeah, i'm behind the curve on this one....but i'm running to catch up! LOL

Using a simple to create Google doc with a pre-set theme i created an online book review wikipage!

Where i can send my kids to to write & submit an online reivew

and read published reviews!

of course i'm not going to publish their *real names* on these reviews - i've asked them to come up with an appropriate screenname!

once we get started we're gonna have a drawing for prizes on book reviews for a chance to win FREE Advanced copy books, iTunes gift cards, and other random stuff i think is cool!

Write a Book Review TODAY!~

Want to WATCH a Book Review? - My Teacher-Librarian friend Mr. Yeargin does book review VLOGS called Read This Book! now, Ms. Jones is WAY to shy [cough cough] to do this - but hey! if anyone of my kids wants to, i have my flip camera ready and rarin to go! LOL
Ms. Jones

Inspired by my media friends:
Kathy Glasscock
Tim Grafton
Mike Hobson
Adam Yeargin


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