Literate 4 Life: Librarian Branding Project

corset pic by L. Marie

do you want mad librarian cred when
hanging out in the stacks with your homies?

are you Literate4Life and proud of it?

are you ready, willing, and able to show your love - your devotion - your RESPECT! to our gang of book loving library militants?
Check out kick@$$ Librarian X aka jazzmodeus aka Jason Puckett - he's the Librarian for Communication and Educational Technologies at GSU in Atlanta and he's inked & proud!
(photo from jazzmodeus flickr creative commons tattoo by Ron Hendon of Midnight Iguana Tattooing, Athens GA.)

join the Published, Branded & Proud by participating in the Project Brand Yourself a Librarian Week this summer at ALA DC.

Brainchild of Uber cool 8bitlibrary blog founders Justin The Librarian and Librarian JP. So, whether you're going to ALA in DC this can meet-up and get inked there then go to the appreciation & participation party...
or if you're going to ISTE SIGMS & going to ISTE10 Denver (like me!) can go here
Local business results for tattoo parlors near Denver, CO ...OR i think the AWEsome Bearded JP suggested creating a Flickr group so that wherever you are... if you're branded you can join the tribe it off with pride!

And seriously? In this day and age where school librarians are fighting to show the importance and relevancy of their program, information technology, and 21st century learning strategies in school libraries -- and facing some serious federal cutbacks - the time for advocacy is NOW! Now is the time to step up our game!

or as Joyce Valenza said in her recent Neverending Search Blog....
"All our programs need to deliver high quality, 21st century, learner-centered service and instruction embracing the clear mission of ensuring that our students and staff are effective users [and producers*] of ideas and information.

Funding decisions will be made at the state and local level.

We have to make sure that our SEAs understand how school library information programs improve outcomes for students.....
We must make ourselves visible, relevant, integral to the educational missions of our schools.

We had better start making ourselves known in a positive way to principals, district administrators, superintendents, headmasters, and local legislators, or we will be out of a job."
That means thinking out of the box, being visible, connecting with our kids, being relevant and cutting edge, and keeping the faith with our fellow show...there is no shame in our game!

from Justin the Librarian & 8bitlibrary blog:
"It’s really simple. If you’re up for it, let’s all get tattoos to show our support for libraries and librarians. We are who we are. We are librarians! Let’s show the world how proud we are!

Let’s do this at the ALA Annual Conference (June 24-29). If you’ve got ideas on a tattoo parlor, leave a comment. I’ll gladly be in charge of setting up an appointments for everyone (we should all go together).

1. DOESN’T IT HURT? Honestly, it’s not that bad. I myself am very scared of needles but I don’t mind getting tattoos. The worst part is the healing. WHY? It itches…

2. BUT IT’S FOREVER! Be proud to be a librarian! Do you think you’ll be leaving this profession? See, you won’t.

3. I’VE ALWAYS WANTED ONE…and this is a great chance to finally get one! Think about it! Who else can say that they got their tattoo with a bunch of librarians?"

Read the whole Project Brand posting to get more information how you can join in!

and why not?

Librarians in Texas have done it!

tattooed ladies of tla

Oh and for ideas (or for those who are too chickensh poop to do it) here are librarian temporary tatoos that you can bring with you for ideas...can be purchased from my favourite shoppe Archie Mc Phee! Where you can also get Glow in the Dark Zombie Hoarde and Mini Ninjas...(i use these for incentives when i teach "who has a ninja worthy answer to this - what is an example of a primary source document!?")
Dag! they're can get them from here!

Photo from Product Page ( $7.95 )

now for me....being a Steampunk grrl i think i might have to get a top hatted Cthulhu or a cephalopod underglass like this guy above...from my factory in New Babbage! Or else something very tasteful and victorian like just the type's also some other tatoos from the pack. (and yes, i do have them!) Whatever you choose to it with passion!


  1. Gwyneth,
    Thanks so much for your support! All of us at 8BitLibrary really appreciate it!


  2. I am one who has always wanted to get a tatoo, but didn't know what I would get. I'm starting to feel the itch.


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