ISO: The Perfect Pocket Video Cam - Must have Jack & Swivel!

Finding the best flip style pocket video camera has been never ending search of mine for years. I started with the Small Wonder vs. the Flip and ended up as a Flip grrl - see my wiki for more! But even though I've been very monogamous with the Flip I've had my eyes open for an upgrade... The Mino was a step up with the sleek smaller size and the rechargeable lithium battery....but I still wanted MORE!

Ahhh yes, the perfect school pocket video cam - one that kids & teachers can take on field trips, use for vlogging, TV Studio production, school special events, classroom presentations and for quick multimedia production. Not necessarily the best of the best in quality but tough and easy to use and I think we're getting close!

Before I start my tech search criteria I have to come clean about something ....I have an unrepentant tech crush on ├╝ber cool media specialist and SLJ "Test Drive" columnist Jeffrey Hastings... He has been my gadget guru for years. I don't really consider it stalking....ok, maybe a bit of fangrrl. But he's my go-to guy for most things tech & cool and I really recommend reading his articles... so if I gush a bit...well, that's why.

Ahem!....In his recent article: A pocket HD camcorder you could flip for Jeffrey reviews the Kodak Zi8 pocket camcorder. And I really had to remember my ladylike upbringing before I started drooling on my laptop when I was reading this.....Ooooer! This handy pocket video camera seems to have the best of the Flip....AND that one thing that we've been waiting for! a Mic Jack! Running anywhere from $149.99-$218.00 (and sorry, I'm teasing you with the Raspberry model...that's out of stock on Amazon!)...this new little cutie might just do the trick! And though the included software is not Mac friendly, Jeff says it doesn't matter cause it can easily be brought into iMovie!

Sorry Flip baby....but we've gotta talk!

Here are the things I want in a perfect pocket video cam for my school, students, & teachers... The perfect pocket video camera must have a:
  • rechargeable battery
  • image stabilization
  • tripod mount - even with the above this is really helpful!
  • external mic jack - OMW!!!! I've been SO waiting for this!!!
  • viewfinder that's not too small
  • tough exterior - won't break when a 7th grader or a teacher drops it on the floor (ahem!)
  • not too small or too big - must juuuuust right for portability & use
and please oh please.... if only it could have
  • a swivel viewfinder....Oooooh that would be perfect!...and yeah, the Zi8 doesn't have that..YET!
Really, like Jeffrey mentioned in the article I don't need or want HD on a day to day basis...all that HD yummyness is wasted and takes too much space and time to load and transfer...but I do want that flip out view finder..then I think we can be in vid nirvanna...but having the mic jack really is a help, too!!!


Photo credits from Amazon:
Zi8 flipping out by Sir Elric
Zi8 with Mic by Gerard J. Duya "James"


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