RP: Why your major academic conference doesn’t have (good, free) wireless internet

Brilliant Blog Posting - Really a Must Read for Conference Planners!

--- and here are my thoughts:

Brilliant! Thank you for this!!!…..Reliable, fast, and consistent Interweb access at conferences has been a source of constant consternation. Since NECC in Atlanta, AASL Pittsburgh, to NECC DC and AASL Charlotte (and other conferences in between)…Internet access has been frustrating! Aunty Tech aka Donna Baumbach compiled a free virtual AASL with links to the archive of Tweets here: http://write4.net/1P8 If you want to see the reactions RT also I blogged about my experiences at AASL Charlotte and access was a sore point!

I also really resent having to pay upwards of $15 a day for Internet access in high end conference hotels…How come the Comfort Inn and the Hampton Inn can provide free Internet but the Sheraton and the Browns Palace can or will not??

I AM going to ISTE10 in Denver….& I’m really psyched about it! But I do have concerns about accessibility because though i always back up my presos with screenshots…it ain’t the same, baby!

But the Digital Learning Sandbox, Learning Uncommons, Second Life Playground, and the Bloggers’ Cafe NEED access to communicate with our PLN’s and crowdsource what we’re learning!


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