Voting is Now Open For The 2009 Edublog Awards!

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"You can now vote for your favorite education-related blogs — voting for the 2009 Edublogs Awards is open until December 16th.

Here you can learn details of the voting, see all the nominees, and begin voting at The 2009 Edublog Awards!

You can see who I nominated at My Nominations For The Edublog Awards 2009.

I was SO honored to be nominated in the Best Library/Librarian Blog category (thank you to Shelly Terrell and all of you who nominated me!), but the really important thing about these awards is that they provide an opportunity for everybody to learn about great blogs and other resources out there that can be helpful to our teaching.

There’s an “embarrassment of riches” in the education blogosphere!"
Ok, let me fess up....the above text totally snagged & adapted from the super duper fabulous ed tech blogger Mr. Larry Ferlazzo!! And yes! i did nominate him and he's AMAZING!

I know i should be all low key and cool about this.....but I can’t help but being shameless and totally stoked ’cause I’ve never been nominated for anything like this before! I mean my school Library Media blog has been going since 06 but this one i started after getting totally psyched at last summer's NECC conference! Whoohoo! And OMW! to be nominated with the likes of other librarians like the Amazing Buffy Hamilton, The Unquiet Librarian and The Web Footed Book Lady, and Cathy Nelson and her blog Cathy Nelson’s Professional Thoughts... just brings me to that part in Wayne's World where Wayne says to Aerossmith "I'm not worthy!!!!"

Ahem! I mean, it's lovely & splendid to be included, really!

Seriously though, best of luck to all the nominees and thank you ALL for enriching my life and our profession with your thoughts, resources, and wonderful contributions!!!


  1. It is indeed sweet to be recognized for what you do. From my perspective I'm tickled pink to be nominated in the company of Buffy, Joyce, Cathy and YOU! You are indeed worthy and make me wish I was starting my career all over again to fit in all the terrific ideas you have shared and inspired me with.


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