Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MSET Learning Tools Smackdown - Baltimore

Prizes! Interactive! Collaborative!
1:45 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Session 3 - Room 327
Baltimore Convention Center

This interactive, energetic, sharing session will highlight the best new tools in a variety of categories. Members of a panel of technology educators from several different counties, subjects areas, and grade levels will share their top picks and invite audience members to contribute by coming to a central microphone. All ideas generated will be added to a Learning Tools Smackdown session wiki, the MSET Ning and shared with the community!

Smackdown Panelists:
Andrea Christman
Melissa Grabill
Kyra Kreinbrook
Geordie Paulus -
MICCA Outstanding Technology Leader 2009
Matthew Winner
Danielle Dunn
Gwyneth Jones - The Daring Librarian
Aaron Smith - The Art Guy
Selena Ward - The Tech Tiger!

adjunct Smackdown contributer:
Brenda Anderson - ISTE Professional Development Chair Imagine,
Innovate, Inspire: Piecing Together My Learning Journey

will share their picks for most effective tools for enhancing learning
and promoting reading in a variety of categories relating to NETS*S

Ideally, this should be a *bring your own laptop* session.

Official Timekeeper: Kyra
Back Channel Access:
Twitter: Post the hashtag #MSET10 -Smackdown: (tip or comment)
Melissa Grabill, Coordinator Twitter Back Channel Lead
Danielle Dunn: (remote chatter)

And Whilst at MSET.....Visit the Digital Sandbox!
GoAnimate.com: MSET Digital Sandbox by gwyneth

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

The Learning Tools Smackdown concept was created by and is supported by Dr. Joyce Valenza

International Reader Shoutout....please see my last post for my love letter to my readers from my beloved United Kingdom! Added later....busy week!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Where's Blue Bear and Thank you ALL!

Is He in Outer Space With Mr. Spock, Lieutenant Uhura , and the Gorn?

Is He in the Steampunk City of New Babbage Second Life?
On the roof of Red's Revenge Factory & Public House?

ISTE | Where's Blue Bear? Contest

Join in on the Fun! Click above to See the Rules and Directions for the Where's Blue Bear contest....Enter for a change to win an iPod Touch or Digital Camera. Join the Flickr Group to see ALL the fun pictures uploaded already!

Thank You ALL!

The Votes are in - and I'm your next PK-12 ISTE Board of Directors Representative!

Pinch me! I'm just that excited!

Thank you Doug Johnson for creating this very unusual and fun picture and for your kind blog post Gwyneth wins ISTE board seat which set me to blush!

I also want to say thank you to my friend Diane Cordel and her kind blog post Gwyneth Get's it Done! I am honored and proud to have been elected to the ISTE Board of Directors. Hope to see everyone in Denver this summer when I shall officially start my new duties.

International Reader Shout-Out! To all 165 of my darling (and related!) readers from Great Britain!

Of course, one can tell from my name that I am of Welsh descent and I consider myself a happy Celtic Mix of Irish, Scots, and of course Welsh..... So, there's a little part of me that wishes my Clustr maps would not clump my Celtic lands in with England. So that i might know if there is a Gareth, Grainne, or Lachlan reading from Wales, Ireland or Scotland...Now don't get me wrong, I can't be an English-hater... because they brought me my boys from Swindon! - the god that is Andy Partridge and Xtc. (and many other 80's Punk, Ska, & new wave bands) I have been an Xtc fan since Black Sea.
I have also traveled all over the UK - London, Cambridge, Glasgow, Stoke-on-Trent (pottery!) Edinburgh, Beaumaris, Rhyl, Conwy, - Dublin, and a lot of cities all down the east coast of Ireland. Some great memories strolling along Portobello Road looking for English silver and Pewter....and stained glass.
Someday I dream of a Welsh (or Cornish!) stone cottage within walking distance of a Village...and Pub..somewhere my Welsh coal miner ancestors would approve....it would be lovely if it was on a river....[sighs]....maybe a cottage for a summer? Sorry...I'm blathering on here...United Kingdom... I love you.

Her silver was lovely...but a bit dear.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Are You Suffering from ALA Laryngitis? - Deadline Friday

I believe in Sara Kelly Johns and i voted for her...and I hope you will consider voting for her, too!

SKJ is running for ALA President....I've met her...and she's cool... not only is she cool, she's smart, approachable, passionate and she really cares about our customers....our kids! And that's why i'm posting a guest message from her - my first ever! ...Because voting this year is down for ALA! Can you believe it? We're in a crisis situation for libraries in this country and we need smart, savvy, passionate leadership most of all! and our voting is down? Gah! So please take a min to read the below....(By the way in a related aside...the Library Crisis Webinar with Buffy J. Hamilton and Chris Harris is tonight at the TL Virtual Cafe!)

Now..from Sara Kelly Johns:

Are You Suffering from ALA Laryngitis?
Vote by Friday in the ALA Elections!

"In a speech Hillary Clinton gave as a First Lady. She said, ‘If you don’t participate, you’re going to leave it to those who do. And you may not like what you find.”

So, far, participation in the ALA 2010 election is low. As of 4/15/2010, 2:06 pm, of 55,328 eligible voters, 8,164 (14.76%) have voted. This compares to last year at this time when, of 56,068 eligible voters, 10,187 (18.17%) had voted. Doug Johnson always says that he pays his dues to have the right to complain; being a member gives you a voice---and voting for the people running your professional association is one way to speak up.

That said, many have complained that they did not get their electronic ballots. If that is you and you can sort your e-mail, the sender is: ALA Election Coordinator and the subject line is: “ALA 2010 election login information below.” It could be in your spam file; many are. It could have been sent to an old e-mail address, too. Two reminders to vote have been sent, also. If you can’t find your login information, call the ALA membership office at 800-545-2433, option 5 or 866-909-3549, the direct line. It might take a few minutes but is worth the time to get your voice back.

Once you log in, the process can be onerous. It’s easy to vote for president and treasurer if you have decided on which person will be the best spokesman for your association (and I will appreciate your vote for me, of course!). You can then save that choice. The next page is the list of all the people running for Council and you have an allotted number of people for whom you can vote. Do you need to vote for that many? NO!

Your vote is more effective if you target those who match your beliefs and those you know. It does take a lot of time to read all the biographies for sure. To help out, AASL, YALSA and ALSC, the youth divisions, publish a list of youth candidates. It may well be the perfect list for you to reference, mark your choices and submit that part of your ballot.

There are great candidates for division offices, too, such as AASL, YALSA and ALSC. They are separate ballots and I hope you will review, vote and submit them, also.

The voices of school librarians need to be heard at the national level. To quote Terri Kirk in the March/April issue of Library Media Connection (p. 36):
“The American Library Association has advocated for school librarians and school children in Washington, and will continue to do so no matter who is elected as president, but the voice could be a school librarian if we get the vote out. Wouldn’t it be cool if a school librarian was quoted on NBC Nightly News or interviewed by Katie Couric on CBS?”

Terri says later in the article, “Voting is easy so take the time, take the initiative, take the first step, take the advantage, and take control. You are the most important asset to ALA and to AASL. Make the most of it, VOTE!” You can make a difference! Dig out that ballot and get over that laryngitis! Again, vote by 11:59pm on Friday, April 23rd."

Oh and the fact that she wears RED a lot doesn't hurt either...me likes the red! ~Gwyneth

photo credits: from the Vote SKJ for ALA website

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Creating the Daring Librarian Brand

Welcome to my newly re-designed blog!!

Library Media Tech Musings is out...
and The Daring Librarian Blog is in!

Huh? Why? How? Meh? Eep!

Ok...So...a few months ago i was inspired by several my awesome geek squadders, Twitter PLN, and the School Library Web Presence webinar and decided that though i felt i was a few years late going transparent (a constant inspiration, Buffy J. Hamilton - the Unquiet Librarian branded herself in '07, Selena Ward - The Tech Tiger, Aaron Smith - The Art Guy, etc.), i knew that in this precarious moment in school librarianship and my growing involvement with ISTE, i really should bite the bullet & brand myself. not for my ego (which is, of course, massive! ;-) but to consolidate my message. Dan Schwabel said it best:
"...You are your Google results and people are wanting to find you online. If you aren't visible you don't exist, nor will get the opportunities you are working hard for. Another important factor is that you need to invest in your self (your personal brand equity), which means that you need to be a content producer, not just consumer"
i agonized, wrote, tweeted, and basically hit a creative wall!

so i sent out an email to my PLN brain trust....longtime buds, Steampunk friends from SL and other cool educators...and i wanna share that thought process and journey with you ...and also thank them for all their creativity...and of course..a last min surprise epiphany ...from...my Source of all Things Smart!
hello darlings! you're some of the smartest people i know and i'm creatively stuck and i need your help!
Quick backstory:
the library biz is under fire....many schools and districts are getting rid of their librarians and their libraries (i've blogged about it, it's really scary!) i need to brand myself. it's a new movement to promote your library and yourself as a professional. like a marketing plan.
Challenge: there are librarians (and some friends of mine) out there called the Unquiet Librarian, theLipstick Librarian, the Animated Librarian (doh! i really wanted that since i'm now known for my animated shorts - oh well!) ......and my favorite Librarian X - With great power comes great bibliography. i've been wracking my brain to get ideas that aren't already taken! ....i like the comic book angle a LOT!! wish i could come up with something like that i've also thought of The Perpetual Librarian, (and Perpetual Library) with the idea that we're ongoing, evolving, and everlasting but it's just not SEXY!!! (well, it can't be too sexy if you know what i mean) Cool, fun, energetic...that's what i'm lookin and i don't want anything to do with being a redhead...that's been done, too.....Any ideas?
I got some great suggestions!

One of my friends put it out to her LJ peeps but a lot of the suggestions, though clever, were a little bit umm racy...like the "The Bookie". Heh! and wouldn't you know it...it was already taken!

Then another genius friend of mine...a Miss Alice suggested:
"If you're looking for a comic book angle, it's worth remembering that the original Batgirl was a librarian. The Sandman also has a good librarian, Lucien.

There are also some great fictional libraries: The Graveyard of Unwritten Books, The Library (Doctor Who), The Library of Babel, The Library of Dreaming....Possible words for a Library/Librarian after 5 minutes of thinking: Invisible, Future, Steampowered, Lost, Universal, Infinite, Impossible, Eternal, Salvaged Resurrected, Illuminated, Nightmare, Fighting...anything post-apocalyptic/zombie related is always good for getting hipsters and what not and it sounds badass. I quite like the idea of an Infinite Library/Librarian, but I plan on continuing to think of things that might work."

Oooh! Now i'm getting somewhere! Then....hot on the heels of that a Mr. Tinus came up with
I think that remote instruction and your understanding of the web is important.

Librarian 2.0 may work...or Meta-Librarian...a call out to the Metaverse.

another key point is that with all this new information in the world people need guides....data brokers..I think that is a great selling point for librarians...modern day pathfinders, explorers.
then...Bing! Bing! Bing! Miss Trafalgar had this to add:
"I think I'd go with something that brands beyond you - so that if you want, you can turn it into a consultancy ... but then again, I think like that. I'd also be writing a book to go with it. or co-writing one with a brilliant early-adopter friend who is currently ranging far and wide...

ahem....here you go:

next libris - the new vision for meta-libraries, helping students become technology-adaptive, and literate across all media and cultural forms.

meta-library / meta-librarian: the library outside the walls, and the toolset that knows how to access it, and participate in it.

* (I would have suggested meta-libris, but metalibris.com is already taken, whereas nextlibris.com seems to be available, AND - bonus- is less geeky, ((aside- i LOVES the geeky!)) though I didn't do a domain name search because I didn't want to lock it accidentally [yes, network solution associates seem to be doing this - using DNS searches to select names to squat and resell])

literate: the state of understanding how and why literature is produced on a topic, being able to evaluate that literature from multiple points of view, and being able to produce literature as well as consume it.

technology-adaptive: (please note: not adoptive) the state of being able to adapt to changes in technology and maintain/grow one's awareness about the world without becoming overwhelmed by gadgets and gadgeteers."
I tell you that woman is brilliant! So I Twittered out those suggestions and my upset over the Animated Librarian...and got this back from the Awesome Buffy:

Buffy Hamilton buffyjhamilton
"That is wrong someone claimed your handle! I like your both Next Libraris and NExus Lib., though!

And i was almost sold on the Nexus Librarian, or NextLibris when i got a call from guess who? My MOM! The Source of ALL Smart.

and her suggestion? The Daring Librarian ...breathlessly i ran to the MacBook lappie and amazingly...it was NOT Taken....$10 later and going through Google Apps i registered it....changed the name of my blog...spent HOURS Photoshopping & coming up with a new header and Voila! Thanks everyone!....and most of all...thanks Mommy!

Tips for Branding - and though some are for Internet marketing...think of reaching our audience as educators...to our students...parents and the community:

As always, i treasure your emails, thoughts, & comments! Do you like the Daring Librarian name? A little late now....i already spent the $10 bucks! LOL

Today's International Reader Shout-Out
goes to our dear 10 Russian Federation readers!

Здравствуйте, мои дорогие русские читатели! Я изучал русский язык в течение 4 лет в средней школе! Я люблю твою историю, культуру и язык!
Много любви, Гвинет Анна Робертовна

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Nation Without School Librarians

(click above for interactive map)
"This map marks the cities, towns, communities, and states that have made the decision to either eliminate certified school library positions (indicated in blue) or require one school librarian to work with two (2) or more school library programs throughout the week (indicated in red).

Although hundreds of studies show the impact that School Librarians have on student achievement, these school districts
believe otherwise.

Let's compare the student achievement scores without a school librarian in a year or so to discover what thousands of library supporters already knew.

School Librarians DO make a difference!

a Google Maps Project created by Shonda Brisco - Assistant Professor / Curriculum Materials Librarian - Oklahoma State University

Shonda...thank you so much for your passion, time, and talent to create this visual epitaph for the sad passing of vibrant learning and support for kids in our nation's schools. this map brings tears to my eyes and a burning desire to rip off those little pins and maybe stick some people with them! ~Gwyneth

But Nancy White said it best....
  • "In these schools, who will teach the children how to effectively search for information?
  • In these schools, who will teach them how to discern the good information from the questionable?
  • In these schools, who will model for the children how to persist in their information-seeking tasks?
  • In these schools, who will select engaging books that can capture the imagination of students and promote a lifelong joy of reading? …"
The situation is dire....our students need us! As always, i long to hear your thoughts and comments Dear Readers!
Here's the embeded Map for those of you who like that!

View A Nation Without School Librarians in a larger map

International Reader shout-out goes to our dear 10 readers in Sweden!
Tack för att du besöker min blogg!
I just finished the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and now I long to visit your country!
I promise no hacking!~ LOL

photo credits: Map created by Google and Shonda Brisco, Shonda picture from the TL Ning, Nancy White photo by the Colorado Association of Libraries

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Learning & Fired Up About The Blind Side

i'm posting my Tweets and blogging them...cause i have more to say

gwynethjones gwynethjones my eyes are red & puffy, been crying for 2 hours, mostly happy tears. darn you The Blind Side..!! AWEsome movie!

gwynethjones gwynethjones BlindSide: why did Quinton Aaron not get more attention? i saw Precious & now this-both amazing performances-but he wasn't given the same accolades?

gwynethjones gwynethjones The Blind Sides Quinton Aaron RL story just as heartwarming as Michael Oher. http://bit.ly/bWA2ZA Why are only Aussies & Brits writing about it?


"Rising star Quinton Aaron: I was about to be made homeless when I landed role in hit film The Blind Side"

"AT 6ft 8in and 33 stone, Quinton Aaron had spent much of his life struggling to fit in.

Just 12 months ago, and holding down a job as a security guard, he was about to be evicted from his home.

Then his life was turned upside down as he was cast in the surprise smash hit The Blind Side opposite Sandra Bullock.

The heart-warming film cost £20million to make but has taken in more than £200million at the American box office and earned Bullock an Oscar.

But Quinton is the real success story, finally finding his place in movies.

"One kid said I was good for nothing and big for nothing," he said. "I said he can't call me 'big for nothing'." Read the Whole Article Mar 24 2010 By Siobhan Synnot

I'm not going to get into the Blind Side criticism & backlash (Onion, Village Voice, etc.) Y'all can just go ahead and Google that....but I want to focus on the message...both the RL story

I think this amazingly talented young actor has such a heartwarming and uplifting story that rivals the real life story of the equally amazingly talented RAVENS star (Go Ravens!)....Mr. Michael Oher
According to an Aussie article & interview with Mr. Aaron: Learning and Earning
"In his first starring role, Aaron, 25, plays Oher. It's a huge break for him after biding his time doing small roles in Law & Order and the film Be Kind, Rewind and working as a security guard. Opposite him as the strong-willed Tuohy is Sandra Bullock. Made for about $US30 million ($A33 million) - less than half the average coin for a studio film - The Blind Side has proved phenomenally popular, taking more than $US275 million since opening on November 20.

Nobody expected that, Aaron says. He puts it all down to his co-star. And God.

''A lot of people in the world today need to be inspired in order to get out and do what they have to do to be successful,'' he says. ''People who go through hard times often feel that they're alone … This film shows you that you're wrong; that you're not the only one going through it and here's the way to get out of it.''

Like Precious, a film Aaron admires very much, The Blind Side heralds education as the way out. That resonated loudly with him. Born in the mean streets of the Bronx in New York and abandoned by his father, Aaron's mother, author Laura Aaron, moved the family to Georgia to ensure her children received a good education.

His mother died in November 2008 and Aaron personally regards the film as a tribute to her belief in the value of school."

And there you go.... Amazing story....Both. It's ALL good...now if only my eyes would NOT puff up from all that crying for Easter brunch with the family tomorrow...Gah!

Photo Credits: On the Red Carpet, and Earning and Learning

Friday, April 2, 2010

Colbert Makes iPad Salsa

iPad Salsa....Mmmm Mmmm Nom nom!

"Stephen Colbert got his hands on an iPad last night. He said it's good for emailing, shading the sun from your eyes, and making salsa. He also pointed out that it's just like an iPhone -- you can't make calls from it."
The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Stephen Gets a Free iPad
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorHealth Care Reform

Cause Stephen Colbert makes the cream cheese wrapper funny!
MMmm salsa! Must to get me one of those fancy salsa makers
that also does some other stuff! But wait, there's more!
Get a Kindle, too cause it's easier on the eyes darlings
trust me.

Loves me my kindle!

There's room for all kinds of new technologies...one does not need to replace another... BUT the backlight on the iPad is not comfortable for long reading - it can't show websites that utilize flash (WTF!?) and the battery power & charge is lame compared to the Kindle....but yeah, i've blogged about this before... /rant BUT....there is a tweetdeck app for the iPad and apparently it's GORGEOUS! see video
Gah! stop it Apple!!!...don't make me want you again! [pets her macbook and mentally shakes her fist] and why didn't i invest back in '97 when i had the chance & opportunity!??? [sniffs]

sources: Business Insider -
Nicholas Carlson
Larryferlazzo RT @NiemanLab:


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