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Two blog posts in a row about our Library being a Safe Space for our LGBTQIA+ kiddos. Why? Because we're aggressively passionate about being allies to our kids. Also, the news is chock full of alarming examples where parents, school districts, and communities are NOT supporting the freedom to read. The democratic freedom to give ALL kids the choice to find books without censorship or barriers.

It boils my blood! Why does it seem like we're going backwards with FREADom to read?

So, I wanted to give you (dear reader!) an example of our Pride Month book display, our list of Fiction books, and how we promote it to our kiddos. Most of this post is copied from our Daring School Library Blog, Instagram posts, &

what I shared through our Canvas community announcement.

One of my most respected Library friends, Laura C. Davies (LOVE her!) who I met when I was keynoting the ASTE Tech Conference in Anchorage Alaska had this to say on my Instagram post:

lauracdavies  Commented:
"Yes! I have my own classroom library, full of diverse books, and for the first time in my career I actually wondered if someone would complain about my selection. I am going to keep on bringing new books into my classroom because students who need books that encourage inclusion know where they can find them."

What do you think?

While you're here, grab a copy of our Top 25 LGBTQIA+ List of Fiction Books   Or come to the Library Media Center for a paper version on display. We’re featuring both fiction and nonfiction books!

From our Instagram Posts:

Hey #MHMSMd Mountain Lions come check out our #MHMSPride 🏳️‍🌈 book display! You still have another week or so to check out a book & these are awesome! We have always been and hope will always be a #SafeSpace for all our kids! #LGBTQIA+ #Ally We’re featuring both fiction and nonfiction books! #NOCensorship here!

🏳️‍🌈One of my students checked out a book from this display right after I finished setting it up and asked - “Do my parents know what books I check out from here?” To which I replied, “Nope. Not this year. 

You have the right to read whatever you want with full belief of confidentiality. We would never out you. But Politics can change things. "

Yes, sadly, there are some school districts and states that want to notify parents of the books they check out!” HORROR!

Why does it seem like we’re going backwards and not forwards? i’d like to hear what you think of the comments. It scares me!

This is the full pyramid display! 🏳️‍🌈 #MHMSMd Mountain Lions come on in & check out our #MHMSPride book display!

We have always been, and hope to always be, a #SafeSpace for all our kids! #LGBTQIA+ #Ally.

Again, what are your thoughts? 

Please share them in the comments. OR you can always email me if you prefer to be anonymous.

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