Back to School Special

A decade or so ago I started a series of Back to Special webinars with wonderful partners like my sweet friend Shannon Miller and for several years my two favorite mentees (who have since surpassed me!) Tiffany Whitehead and Jennifer LaGarde on the now defunct TLChat Cafe ....but even before that, I've been creating BTSN PowePoints and also Google Presentation templates for my teachers for Back to School Night.

Just a little something to make the start of the year easier for them and here's this year's deck. I'd tell you to see my Wikipage with all the files going back 10 years or more but...le sigh. You know that's not possible.

Here was my Tweet about it.
The background graphic I used at the very top with all the school & office supplies on a nice thick textured white card stock I got from Raw Pixel (who I LOVE!) -I purchased a lifetime membership a while back but they have LOTS of FREE Graphics! It's definitely worth the time to join it for free - I've been a happy member for about 4 years.

Raw Pixel: Free Stock Images, Vectors & PSD Mockups | rawpixel

Posted for FREE Download as a PPTX on my SlideShare
and also as a Widescreen GSuite Presentation -Just go to File > Make a copy 

As a throwback bonus, I've updated my 2010 Slidedeck for you -- it's kind of old school style! Think fountain pen, wooden desk, and a composition book?

Standard GSuite Presentation -Just go to File > Make a copy 

I've also shared other graphic designs & templates over the years -- see links below to take your pick. Adapt and modify all you want. Heck, slap your name on it - and be the hero! No worries from me. Just don't sell it on Teachers Pay Teachers. I would hunt you down for that and get snarky with you. 

Back to School Special - The Daring Librarian

Check out my previous posts or Google "Back to School Daring Librarian" for a selection of stuff! 

You can also just grab the jpegs and make your own presentation! See the Flickr

Back to School Special 2012

Here's another post for Back to School Night! 

10 Things to do with QR Codes On Back to School Night



FREE Back to School Classroom Sign - File > Make a copy, Please

More Resources:

Back To School with Bitmoji


  1. I really enjoy how you use technology to connect with other teachers! These are great programs that I can use in my classroom!


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