Back to School Special: Making You & Your Library Indispensable

(an after-school special webinar that's not totally awkward!)
Monday September 13th - 8pm EST (NOTE: changed date due to Labor Day holiday)
Guests: Gwyneth Jones, Shannon Miller & Keisa Williams Host: Gwyneth Jones
Back to School Special : Wikipage
A casual discussion to generate ideas on how to build school allies, support new teachers & become indispensable to admin & staff at the beginning of every school year.

Here's an example of what I do for my teachers...Every year I create a new PPT Slidedeck to give out to my teachers & staff to make their getting ready for Back to School Night easier. Then all they have to do is to modify the slides, add their own info, and Voila! It's all good! This year I'm sharing my slidedeck with you!
You can download the slidedeck from Slideshare OR visit the Daring Librarian & MHMS BTSN wikipage

Oh and if you get the chance...visit my other blog - the MHMS Media Blog where I blogged about books, tools, & toys! Here's a taste and for more click the graphic below! :-)

Welcome Back Murray Hillers! And as the blog post title says New School Year & YAY New Books & Toys! I just ordered some new HOT books for you! Our regular big book order will go in mid-October (get your book suggestions ready!) but I can't wait for these titles. I want you to have them NOW!
You know I'm always thinking about cool books & stuff for you when I got to the airport after the ISTE conference in Denver the week after school left out - I sat next to this super cool teen named Allie I met - along with her book loving Auntie - she was raving about this book Incarceron and I took a pic of her holding it with my celly. I knew I had to blog about it on our MHMS Media Book Blog! Bought this book for our school library!

Oh! & Leviathan! - "Full of nonstop action, this steampunk adventure is sure to become a classic." - starred, School Library Journal
Steampunk rocks! If you haven't heard of Steampunk before it's a genre of Science fiction, AND type of music and a fashion aesthetic - here's a definition from :-Joshua A. Pfeiffer a.k.a. Vernian Process

"Steampunk simply embodies a time and a place. The time... the late 19th century. The place... a steam powered world, where air travel by fantastical dirigibles is as common as traveling by train or boat (or submarine). A place where national interests are vastly different than our own version of history. A place where the elegant and refined are as likely to get pulled into a grand adventure, as the workers, ruffians, and lower classes. A place where the idea of space travel is not so far fetched. A place where lost civilizations are found and lost again. A place where anything is possible, and science can be twisted to meet ones own ends." From: Aether Emporium

So bookwise, think Jules Verne meets H.G.Wells - with a pinch of technology and Science!

Speaking of NEW books - on pre-order are Hero by Mike Lupica and the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth. We'll display it on the cool book pyramid once it comes in!

Now..if you fancy gritty reality teen dramas that are more fitting for 7th & 8th graders and If you liked Monster by Walter Dean Meyers you'll like these next books!....

Read the rest at the MHMS Media Blog!

New Circ Counter Toys in Action! Electric Planet!

PS.. My assistant is so very wonderful, talented, and long suffering (having to work with me day in and day out now in our 19th year together! LOL) that I sent her flowers on the first day back last week....still lookin good!


  1. Hi Gwenyth,
    Your blog rocks! I downloaded and saved your BTS slide share but was unable to open it on my lap top. I'll continue to work on it. When I do create a BTS slideshare for my teachers, I will be sure to give you credit.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and resources.

  2. Hi Thanks! I created the PPT on a MAC but saved it as a .PPT -- if you have a PC computer save the .PPT to your computer first, then open the Office PowerPoint program. If that doesn't work you can always convert using Zamzar OR go to the wikipage I listed and just take the graphics one by one! :-) There's also opening it up in Googledocs! Googledocs will convert it and you can play it from there! Many ways to skin a cat...errr grab a slide deck. Cheers!


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