It's So Grape To Have YOU Here!

First day of school activity idea inspired by Cotton Candy Grapes!

“It’s so πŸ‡ GRAPE to have you here!” First day of school greeting and little surprise grape for my students! We’re going to do a taste test to see if they can figure out the cotton candy grape flavor without being told! I will ask the kids before we start “is anyone allergic to fruit or grapes? If so, pass it to your neighbor.” And I have cotton candy scratch and sniff bookmarks instead.

All washed & ready to go with the cupcake paper baking cups to hold 2-3 grapes. Cotton Candy grapes first discovered at Wegmans and kinda spendy. The cheapest I've found these sinfully candy sweet grapes is $5.49 a lb at the G&E grocery store in Bethany Beach. Shop around - but they're worth it! I ate some of the ugly grapes as I was washing them....because, quality control.

These Cotton Candy grapes were from The Grapery and are Sustainably Grown & Non GMO.

Download FREE PDF Worksheet or Here's the GSuite Google Doc Version Edit > Make a copy

First day of school info worksheet - It's so Grape to Have You Here! from The Daring Librarian Experience

This post inspired by this IG post...and my Mom who came up with the tag line.

YOUR Turn! 
What do you do on the First Day of School? 
What's your best getting to know your kiddos activity, exercise, or worksheet? 
If you share it with me I may just add it to this blog post!


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