4 Easy Steps to Embed a Tweet

Super thanks to Sasha Reinhardt or @MiddleGrdReads for letting me use our Tweet convo as the embed examples and inspiration for the graphic! Cheers!
Have you consolidated your many different flash drives, changed your passwords, cleared your cookies, & dumped your cache? Click below for 10 Super Geeky Tips for the New Year

Here's that golden Tweet. My silly Twitter high point of 2013! This is what got the most RT's & most Favourites? LOL Oh sure, this & not any of my ed tech bon mots! Ok, I'll take it! ;-)
What about you!?
What was your Twitter high point this year?
What's your best geeky tip for the new year?
Is there something you've always wanted to know how to do & would like a comic infographic showing how to do it?


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